From the day 8 April to 11, be held in Almería "EUROPEAN SPORTS MEETING" MENTAL HEALTH FOR TIKI TAKA ". Participants will be teams representing different regions of Spain and other European countries. Participating athletes are members of various sports organizations and mental health care.

It will involve more than 100 people from different national and international selections. Sporting competitions cover the following modalities: Table Tennis Championships, Badminton Championships, Paddle Championship, Championship football-7, Basketball Championship, Volleyball Championship, Handball Championship, Athletics Championships and Swimming Championships

To conclude the same, I Sporting Event "ALMERIA LAND WITHOUT STIGMA" will be held. At this meeting, be carried out different sports competitions involving different groups with different capacities of the Province.

This sporting event will be held at the Stadium of Youth Emilio Campra and free entry for all people who want to attend.

Parallel, the next few days 9, 10 and 11 April, will be held at the University of Almería the II edition of the National Congress of Sensitization to Mental Health Stigma and III International Congress of Adapted Physical Activity and Sport, it advances in the field of mental health stigma have occurred in recent years will be addressed (developed programs, campaigns, research) and particularly will cover how positively affects the sport in people with severe mental disorder, as a way of personal wellbeing, physical health and social integration.