The prosecution requested reports on radioactive waste in Palomares


The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court (TS) Fact remains open proceedings to know the status of “Environmental recovery” and the level of “waste” in the hamlets of the village of Palomares, Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería), on those who fell in January 1966 two thermonuclear bombs from a US B-52 collided in mid-air with another aircraft from the Air Base and Moron (Seville).
The prosecutor of Environment and Urbanism, Antonio Vercher, He has requested reports to the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), Energy Research Center, Environment and Technology (Ciemat) Andalusian and in order to know what has been done and is being done for the restoration.

Fact proceedings brought by the prosecution to date 7 July not directed to determine criminal liability, according to the same sources they have pointed out though the complaint of Ecologists in Action that resulted in his opening itself requested that “depurasen” among those who have “allowed for half a century the existence of a nuclear graveyard outdoor”.

The complaint indicated that, in 1966, Americans made “just a publicity cleaning” and noted that, of nine kilos of plutonium they fell on Palomares, “only took Savannah River (Carolina del Sur, USA) a 3 percent, resulting in a total 1.000 cubic meters of contaminated soil”. He remembers, in this line, that “CIEMAT now recognized to be cleaned 50.000 cubic meters”.