Vera FAMP held in a training session on rural development in Andalusia

Plaza Mayor de Vera.
Plaza Mayor de Vera.

The Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces(help) with the cooperation of the Government of Andalusia and the cooperation of the City of Vera (Almería), will celebrate the next day 17 November, Training Day "Rural Development in Andalusia: Facing the challenges for more sustainable growth in Europe 2014-2020 ". This training, It is part of the Lifelong Learning Plan 2016 the FAMP and is aimed at policy makers and technical staff of the Andalusian Local Government.

Based on the priorities of the Europe Strategy 2020, It is addressing such challenges smart growth, sustainable and inclusive, They raised these working sessions, focusing on Sustainable Growth: Local development respectful with the environment. Some of the arguments supporting the relevance of the local level in a strategy of sustainable development are: the certainty that many environmental actions are intrinsically linked to the territory and to municipal jurisdiction, for example the business activity within the municipality; the importance of daily impacts generated because of the dominant lifestyles – with special relevance transport- as well as the key role played by the inertia derived from customs, routines and behaviors of citizenship. It seems clear that without the full participation of local authorities, European commitments to sustainable development and the promotion of a new model of European growth will not materialize.

The meeting will begin at 8.30 h. accredited by the attendants and end at 14.30 h. At the official opening, scheduled for 9.00 h. will be present, Félix López Caparros, Mayor Vera (Almería) and vice president of the FAMP; Manuel Garcia Benitez, Director General of Sustainable Rural Development of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Rural Development of the Government of Andalusia and José Luis Hidalgo García, Mayor-President of Jodar (Jaén) and chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development FAMP.

The program will begin with a Keynote speech entitled "Participatory Local Development / Leader and building social capital in rural areas"By Javier Esparcia Pérez, Professor of Geography and Director of the Research Unit for Rural Development Interuniversity Institute for Local Development at the University of Valencia and will continue with a debate-discussion.


Immediately continue the program with a space for reflection where the "Participatory Rural Development Laboratory and Local Governance" will be discussed with the participation of Teresa Benitez Lora, Manager of the Association for Integrated Rural Development of the Mountainous Southwest Sevillana; Juan Martinez Valero, Manager Development Group and Levante Almeriense Patrice Dos Santos, representative of the Joint Research Centre of Seville, European Commission.