The lack of high-voltage line between Almeria and Granada sentence 97 municipalities and risks 480 million investment

The Government delegate accompanied by representatives of the affected municipalities.

The Government delegate accompanied by representatives of the affected municipalities.

The Government delegate of the Andalusian, Grace Fernandez, has warned that if the government of Rajoy continues without including the construction of the power line between Almeria and Granada in the binding plan approved in 2015 by the Ministry of Energy, "It will be condemning underdevelopment and depopulation of 97 Municipalities with more than 540.000 inhabitants of the provinces of Almeria and Granada ", In addition to endanger investments 480 million euros and creating 600 jobs 12 wind power projects in the districts of Almanzora and Los Vélez.

Grace Fernandez, who it was accompanied by the territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, He made these remarks at a meeting this morning with mayors and municipalities affected companies in our province in order to inform them about the decision of the central government to re-let out of your planning Electrical Transport Network, construction of Vera-Baza-Caparacena powerline, as it did in 2012.

Gracia Fernández explained that it was "a decision made by Rajoy suddenly, without explanation and despite meetings between the Board and the Ministry of Energy and Digital Agenda, and even with the commitment expressed in May by Minister Álvaro Nadal, to include the electrical axis in the binding planning ".

According to the delegate, this decision "ignores the demands of 42 municipalities in the regions of Almeria Almanzora, Levante and Velez, Or what is the same, 150.000 people, and that the Government had informed him in a letter to justify the importance, the necessity and urgency of building this infrastructure ".

Among the data provided by the Andalusian Government Ministry is contemplated that the 62% of these municipalities they have lost investments and jobs due to lack of power supply capacity. Also, in the case of Almería, The analysis shows that the 81% the municipalities of these regions has lost population in recent years and its population suffers progressive aging index, "Therefore not included the construction of this line, it will be condemned to underdevelopment and depopulation of them ", Fernandez stressed Gracia.

The delegate has stated that the commitment made by the Board with the Government of Rajoy was none other than to justify through reports and studies involving strategic importance for the provinces of Almeria and Granada building power line. What it was not a commitment of the Board, He said Fernández, "It was to get funding to build the Vera-Baza-Caparacena axis ordered from Feder Funds, despite the statement by the Government Delegate, Antonio Sanz, since it is an exclusive competence of the government of Rajoy ".

Fernández, the decision of the central government shows, once again "lack of interest of the Government of Spain not only towards a strategic project for Andalusia and especially for the regions affected, who participated actively in justifying the need for the project, but also an insult to our country in infrastructure with the only interest to condemn the ostracism ".

For his part, the delegate of Economy, Miguel Ángel Tortosa, It is reported that they are currently finalizing the arguments for this infrastructure so necessary to our province and neighboring Granada. Without her, It has been said, "At risk major business investments in renewable energy projects, many of them in advanced stages of administrative processing ".

For example, He has thrown some numbers: Associations promoters 2015 already had more than 1.100 MW Environmental Authorization, 850MW with administrative authority and 404 with prioritization and access to the transport network. Now, only wind projects are at least 666MW awaiting evacuation capacity have to move forward.

And with regard to the province of Almeria they are pending construction of the power line to pour renewable energy 12 wind generation projects driven by three companies (Capital Energy, Union Andaluza and WP Wind South II Renewable), They totaling nearly 400MW, in the municipalities of Seron, Tíjola, Lucar and Chirivel. "We talk about 480 million euros in investments and 600 jobs only in the construction of these 12 parks that are at risk of being lost, to which must be added the brake means delaying the implementation of other projects hub for renewable in Almeria ", He stressed Tortosa.