The sculpture looks Elizondo and Zurgena.

The municipality of Zurgena already has a work of Mexican sculptor Jorge Elizondo, world renowned artist. The sculpture, who will preside over the entrance to the village of Zurgena was developed in the year 2001 in the first cultural forum 'Crearte’ who tried to create a regional cultural and artistic project in the hands of Almeria sculptor Luis Ramos and under the mandate of the mayor María del Mar Simonelli.

One of the jobs that resulted from that event was executed in white marble sculpture called 'Transmutation’ and belongs to an artistic series the author calls 'Fragile'. As explained by the own Jorge Elizondo, considered one of the greatest living sculptors from Mexico, the work "speaks of the process that humans suffer when we apply to culture, the reality in which we live ".

Recovery and composition of the monument

The different parts of which it is composed sculpture has been more than a decade abandoned on public roads since the conclusion of the forum 'Crearte’ in 2001. Some parts as the basis, were buried in an abandoned field and others were full of paintings and other types of damage. It was the sculptor of the neighboring municipality arboleano, Luis Ramos, commissioned to recover and preserve, repeatedly going to City Hall to ask its value, although so far no government team responded to this request, which again recorded recently in the City under the mandate of the last mayor.

With the advent of the current mayor, Luis Diaz, to keep a record of the status of the monument of renowned Mexican artist, City Council established a line of work led by the ruler, the Councillor for Culture, Noelia Garcia and sculptor Luis Ramos. "When shortly take over as mayor I became aware of this situation we did not hesitate one second. This is to value the cultural heritage of our town. We are talking about a sculpture by Jorge Elizondo will become a symbol of the entire municipality of Zurgena ", He explained the Mayor, Luis Diaz. "I have to thank the artist Luis Ramos to keep this work, a gesture invaluable to Zurgena. But I also want to remind María del Mar Simonelli, mayor that led to the creation of the work under its mandate ".

The play is called 'transmutation', action to change and become someone or something else, and it serves to exemplify the change in sensitivity shown in recent months by the City Zurgena cultural field. The sculpture consists of an arch that connects the coarsest part with the most elaborate part that represented a kind of folded cloth, folding and recorded gradina. The messy part, chaotic, enters the arc and becomes, appearing on the other side with the order and harmony of a garment woven and manufactured. In addition to sculptures by countries like China or Italy, in Spain there are only three works Elizondo, one in Galicia, one in Cordoba and third will remain in Zurgena.

The sculptor responsible for the conservation and enhancement of the work these last days, Luis Ramos, thanked his interest "to the current Corporation of the City of Zurgena personalized in its mayor, Luis Diaz and the mayor of Culture, Noelia Garcia. We live in difficult times and always receives snips culture. Is a good example that authorities feel committed and responsible intellectual and artistic sensibility ".

"Zurgena and incorporates a work of art rather than be exposed in public, visible to all residents and for those who decide to visit, you will find in this sculpture a compelling reason more to know our town ", he concluded Noelia Garcia, Councillor for Culture.