The Municipal School of Music and the Conservatory of Albox already have new locations.

The Municipal School of Music and the Conservatory of Albox Albox have new locations where its activity the coming months until the construction of the new building that will house their classes, tests and activities. Consensually between teachers and heads of each service and the city of Albox, next year the School of Music in Albox begin their classes in public school classes Velazquez who have recently been upgraded while the Conservatory of Albox will move to the facilities fully prepared and located in Calle Ramon y Cajal.

The lessons of the Municipal School of Music moving to one of the schools in the municipality that has appointed and spacious classrooms with heating, air conditioning, more parking areas and more security for children, also having an audition room for rehearsals and concerts often offer teachers and students of the municipal school. In coming weeks the work will be completed to acoustically adapt the facilities.

Elemental Conservatory of Music in Albox 'Sister Emilia Peña’ will begin next year at a facility in the Ramon y Cajal street they have larger classrooms than previous classes where music is developed. The premises are conditioned to failure to complete the work to improve the acoustics for the start of the course. The new facility for the Conservatory of Albox also improve the safety of children to have a courtyard where you can spend the waiting parents or lessons, rather than at.

Monday has begun the transfer of both services to new facilities after several visits to the premises by those responsible for the Municipal School of Music and the Conservatory albojense accompanied by the Councillor for Education and Culture, Aurora Cerdán. "Music education is an essential part of the history of Albox, so from the new municipal government not only continuity but think about how to improve yet further support these services ", He said the Councillor. Cerdán held "consensus with the leaders of both institutions to the approval of this transfer to a even better facilities to the construction of the future building for the Conservatory and School of Music, one of our main proposals for this legislature ".

The mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, He explained that "the City Council of Albox always support the work done in these centers for culture and music in our town, historical pillars of social life in our town ". The councilman added that "despite the exploitation and utilization of these services as a political weapon by some in the last elections, we continued to work on the same line to find solutions and improve education in our town ".

Another novelty is that now the relationship with the Municipal Band and the Music School of Albox is under the same Department, which will improve the coordination and organization of activities for music education and for the enjoyment of all albojenses.