The International School of Rural Tourism increases 2014 its course offerings and squares.

Posada El Candil (Pannier)

The Academic Committee of the International School of Rural Tourism, Enturna, has met at its headquarters in Guadix in order to make the Activity Plan 2014, which includes a “notable” increase both in training activities as the positions offered to students.

The Academic Committee will approve the final plan Enturna next 18 January. The project under consideration has been developed with the experience gained in the first year of operation of the School and after collecting suggestions and user reviews.

Enturna continue to provide classroom courses, but will make a greater commitment to training to facilitate online learning. Also, increase the means to address the two main barriers identified, such as gaps in language and the need for action aimed at very specific tourism segments. The latter will be the principal goal of the Enturna, “our strength as an educational center should be the transfer of expertise and knowledge with practical application opportunities”.

In this sense, Enturna offer courses for entrepreneurs and business, retraining, for local authorities responsible for, technical seminars in collaboration with private companies, awareness programs for the population, postgraduate training in collaboration with the University of Granada. Also plans to organize the First International Conference on Rural Tourism.