Marble School participates in the development of new professional qualification of building dry stone

Team members work for the new vocational qualification.

Team members work for the new vocational qualification.

The Escuela del Marmol de Fines collaborates in the working group that is developing the new professional qualification for dry stone construction for inclusion in the National Catalog of Professional Qualifications. The working group is formed by the National Institute of Qualifications, the Institute of Professional Qualifications of the Balearic Islands (IQPIB), the University School of Technical Architecture of the University of La Coruña, the Consell and the Guild of Margers of Mallorca.

The National Catalog of Professional Qualifications (CNCP) orders the professional qualifications susceptible of recognition and accreditation. A professional qualification is a set of competencies (knowledge and skills) valid for the exercise of a work activity that can be acquired through training or work experience. The recognition of a qualification level ensures professional competence in a field of professional activity and favors the mobility and transparency of qualifications in the European Union.

Organized in professional families and levels, It includes the most significant professional qualifications in the Spanish production system and constitutes the basis for preparing the training offer for degrees and certificates of professionalism. The CNCP includes the content of the professional training associated with each qualification, according to a structure of articulated training modules.

The person responsible for defining, prepare and keep updated through working groups made up of technological and educational experts the CNCP and the corresponding Modular Catalog of Professional Training is the National Institute of Qualifications (INCUAL), attached to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

The working group for the elaboration of the new dry stone construction qualification, which is part of the professional family of Building and Civil Works but has not yet been included in the CNCP, the past was launched 28 June with the support of IQPIB and INCUAL and is integrated, among other members, by Juana Colmenero, director of the School of Marble, Who was accompanied by representatives of the other institutions mentioned: Marcial Poveda and Juan Somavilla, of the National Institute of Qualifications (INCUAL), Antoni Reynés and Guillem Palou, of the Consell de Mallorca, Lluc Mir and Salvador López, of the Guild of Margers of Mallorca, and Santiago López, from the University School of Technical Architecture of the University of La Coruña.

Training at the Finnish Marble School

The School of Marble is currently teaching two courses, of ‘Natural stone processing’ and ‘Auxiliary operations in natural stone processing plants’, and maintains an open enrollment period for four new courses: those of ‘Laying of natural stone’ and ‘Crafts and restoration works in natural stone’, with application deadline until 14 of July and that will begin to be taught from September, coinciding with the completion of the aforementioned; and two others from ‘English commercial management’ (until 22 August) and 'Auxiliary operations in natural stone processing plants' (until 25 August), that will be taught from October. The courses include internships in companies in the sector.

Interested persons can obtain the application models at the Escuela del Mármol de Fines itself (Las Cruces Industrial Park, Parcela V-I) or on the website of the Employment Department, Business and Trade, the following link: You can also get more information on the school phone, the 950 034 916, or your e-mail address at Applications can be submitted at 13 SAE offices of the province or the Territorial Delegation of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment.