Marble School will give five training itineraries 90 unemployed to 2021

Urracal naturally

The Employment Officer, Training, Autonomous work, Economy, Knowledge, Companies and University, Emilio Ortiz López, has released today during his visit to the School of Marble purposes The new training program for this center attached to the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE) for years 2019, 2020 and 2021, It composed of five training tracks and a course teacher of Vocational Training for Employment (FPU) with which may be formed 90 unemployed. As explained Emilio Ortiz, This program is designed after a preliminary study of the School of Marble to identify the training needs of companies in the natural stone and the most demanded occupations by industry.

The five training paths correspond to levels 1 and 2 qualification, understand 22 training activities and allow 75 unemployed people prepare for work in the sector of natural stone and extractive industries. Each itinerary is composed of several modules that provide a complete theoretical and practical training to students in subjects such as programming and management of CNC machinery, assembly and maintenance mechanic, quarrying, handling cranes, hoists and forklifts, crafts and restoration, positioning and auxiliary operations stone processing plants. These skills are added prevention of occupational hazards, basic digital skills and techniques job search.

Moreover, School taught from October this year a course teaching of Vocational Training for Employment, with professional certificate level 3 for other 15 unemployed.

diplomas 21 students

Besides knowing the classrooms and workshops of the School of Marble Purposes, Emilio Ortiz has participated in the awarding of diplomas to 21 two students training routes have understood modules auxiliary operations, construction and placement of natural stone, crafts and restoration. The territorial delegate congratulated the students and teachers of training center, making available the first Andalusian government resources for job placement and follow majoring, and thanked the cooperation of the five companies where there have been practices "that have helped students to take the habits and values ​​of the real work and develop the knowledge acquired", como son Cosentino, Stone artisans Decomar, Carmona Marble Artisans, Kalkeray and Garcimar Craftsmen S.C.A.

Also, Ortiz Lopez has indicated that the Andalusian government will give "new impetus to the Vocational Training for Employment (FPU), we consider an active policy priority and basic employment ", undertaking a thorough reform of FPE "to improve the prospects for stable employment and quality and also contribute competitive advantages to businesses and the economy".

Among the new measures which will launch the Employment, Training and Self-Employment, They are the identification of the most popular occupations, strategic sectors and training needs of each zone or region, By improving dialogue with companies to meet their needs both courses for the unemployed to employed persons. Also, professional certificates and accreditation of experience will be enhanced, Professional Dual leveraging all the advantages that provide ICT training and other educational innovations and.