School of Painting 'Mojacarte', Clemente Gerez, He exhibits his work in Vera

Isabel de Haro, by Félix Clemente and a group of students.

Isabel de Haro, by Félix Clemente and a group of students.

The Convento de la Victoria Vera hosts until the day 26 October a pictorial exhibition of the best paintings come out of the School of Painting 'Mojacarte', who heads the prestigious garruchero painter Clemente Gerez.

The exhibition includes 23 eight paintings by students of the school, in which style influence is evident Clemente Gerez. However, the work of each one of the students, different places in Spain and Europe, They have different unique features that make the exhibition 'Summary' a unique experience and highly artistic.

The renowned painter was present a few days ago at the opening of the exhibition, where he was proud of the work of his pupils, some with just months training, something you could not imagine seeing the quality of the works. "We have gathered the pictures painted during the past year, and already we discussed in Mojacar and now we bring to this wonderful place as is the Convent of the Minimum Fathers ", Clemente explained Gerez.

Walking the more than twenty paintings by the school 'Mojacarte', the visitor can find traditional landscapes of the province of Almería, with white farmhouses; different corners of Mojácar, with this indalo; pictures of Madrid Retiro Park; Murcia and Granada, spectacularly captured by the brush and spatula; seascapes, as the entrance to the port of Bilbao and lots of color and light treatment worthy of the master Clemente Gerez.

artist recognized

Clemente Gerez is an internationally renowned painter. Born in Garrucha, his paintings show life at sea, as he lived it, a son fishing. Traditionalists in rural areas also appear in his canvases scenes, white washed houses of Mojacar,, above all, the light. Clemente Gerez is "master of light", as cataloged in numerous international publications artistic.

He has exhibited in Tokyo, next to Renoir, in Geneva, in 1982 on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the United Nations Organization, or New York, Rome or Madrid, to name a few other examples.

The exhibition 'Summary' of his paintings contains works by Conchi school Creus (Huercal-Overa), Julia Poves (Madrid), Cecilia Briones (Murcia), Rosa María Asua (Bilbao), Elena Salinas (Mojácar), Michele Koster (Holland), Gabriella Chiarotti (Italy) Dina and Margaret (Norway).

The exhibition can be visited at the Convent of the Victoria de Vera until Thursday 26 October, Midweek 11 a 14 and 19 a 22 hours and Saturdays, of 11 a 14 hours.