Marble School of Almeria will offer nearly 1.500 training hours

Facade of the headquarters of the School of Marble Andalusia.

The Directorate General of Vocational Training for Employment, under the Ministry of Employment, Commerce company and the Andalusian, It approved by order scheduling Marble School of Andalucia (MOTHER) located in Fines (Almería), contemplated in 1.420 training hours for a total of 90 students through six courses.

So what sources have indicated the Andalusian Government, who have pointed out that “soon” The registration period will open for the first courses once provincialice the approved Tuesday by the Governing Council budget, where approval was given to transfer 8,32 million euros to secure funding cycles.

Specifically, finally approved programming includes two editions of the course of auxiliary operations in processing plants and processing natural stone and mineral benefit and rocks, of 340 hours, for 15 students.

mounting a course transventiladas facades also bid, of 230 hours and 15 students. The training specialty is laying natural stone. The craftsmanship of works in natural stone, through a course 220 hours 15 students, It will be offered as a training specialty crafts and restoration of natural stone.

As for languages, also it provides professional English course for commercial activities 90 hours 15 Students specializing in commercial sales management, English and other business management 200 hours for other 15 students.

Tuesday approved funding adds to the 12,9 million entered last October and expedite the assignment of consortia to the Board through the SAE, that subrogrará in goods, rights and obligations of its assets and liabilities. The integration, regulated by a decree law of September 2015, It includes both 161 workers and equipment and infrastructure.