Wind energy produces half of renewable electricity in Andalusia.

Seron is one of the most domestic producers.

Andalusia has 147 wind farms in operation with a total installed capacity of 3.322 MW (megawatts), ranking it as the fourth Spanish community with the highest overall grid-connected wind, behind Castile and Leon, Castilla la Mancha and Galicia. The strong growth of this renewable technology has enabled wind energy currently produces the 50% of renewable electricity in Andalusia, It is the source that makes major contribution followed by solar thermal, responsible for a 16% production.

This Andalusian wind power can supply the equivalent energy needs 1,59 million homes and provide enough energy to light more than 330 million bulbs. Also, avoids the emission of more than 2,42 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, like circulation retirásemos 1,57 million vehicles.

The Andalusian Energy Agency, entity attached to the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, It provides this data on the occasion of the celebration of World Wind Day (15 June), a European initiative to promote the benefits of this natural resource utilization as an energy source, among them being an inexhaustible source of energy and produce no emissions.

The Andalusian has among its objectives the use of renewable energy to compensate for the absence of fossil fuels, hence his bet decided by an energy model based on the use of indigenous and inexhaustible resources such as the sun or wind. In the field of wind energy, the policy developed by the regional government has allowed the region to increase by ten times the installed capacity in the last ten years.

Regarding wind energy production, it has increased more than thirteen in the decade. This has meant that the contribution of wind energy to the total electricity generation, from renewable and conventional generators, It has been increased from 2% a un 19% in this period (Official data 2013). Thus, wind technology reaches the second position as the largest contributor to the electricity generating system in Andalusia, just behind, of the coal power plants.

Balance regional

Cádiz, possessor of a great wind potential, It is the province that has the biggest presence of facilities utilization of wind energy, with 67 parks and 1.307 MW of installed power. Followed Málaga, with 23 parks and 570 MW, and Granada, with 20 parks and 400 MW. Almeria has 19 parks and 511 MW; Huelva, with 12 facilities and 384 MW; Seville, with 5 parks and 135 MW; and, finally, Jaen province, who owns a wind farm 15 MW.

Also, in Andalusia there are four experimental farms totaling 25,5 MW, one in the province of Malaga and three in Granada. These areas make an important contribution to the wind industry as it allows the study of possible innovations in wind equipment contributing to improved energy efficiency, equipment optimization and use of a wider range of different behaviors winds, new larger machines, etc..