The company donates Valero Andrés Cuevas material for the rehabilitation of a school


At the beginning of this school year 2016-2017, a group of teachers, motivated to offer children in the neighborhood a more cheerful and welcoming learning environment, They decided to undertake a project full color arranging classrooms where every day they work and painting them bright colors with great enthusiasm.
The Almeria company "ANDREW VALERO PAINTINGS", whose business career began in Cuevas del Almanzora 1973, He did not hesitate to get down to work to surprise children and teachers CEIP La Chanca. Its founder Andrés Valero, welcomed this initiative of his son Juan Pablo Valero, now commercial director of the company and the master of the center Ana González-Grano de Oro Perales, with great enthusiasm and excited, by the project and, above all, the objective thereof, which it is none other than bring happiness to the smallest neighborhood of La Chanca.
After visiting the school, Juan Pablo Valero and José, shop manager they have in the capital Almeria, CONTRIBUTING enough paint to paint the classrooms are in poor condition, since they left unfinished for lack of funds, when in the course 2012-2013, the Andalusian, reformed center facilities almost entirely.

They have already begun the work of this group of teachers CEIP La Chanca, those who have joined the cleaning center, NANI and Loli, hits in his help on this project, in which each day surprised us advancing, painting and fixing up the rooms so that our children have decent space for play and learning.

Altogether they are painting 15 classes, the school library, the teachers' room, head and secretary of the center and some areas of corridors.

Not content with his great effort and the help given to the center, Juan Pablo Valero fought to improve the conditions of our school. I contacted the company AKZO NOBEL getting more paint at no cost to the school, to clean up the school walls, inside the sports yard and patio child education, also badly damaged.

We are very happy to wear colorful attend our classes and children of La Chanca in an environment designed especially for them fondly. The illusion is infinite and immense desire to change. Thanks to this push Andrés Valero Paintings and work of a faculty delivered at your leisure, children of the neighborhood will enjoy a fun and enjoyable stay in the center.