The Council opens the deadline for applications to join the 'Autonomous Plan’ until November

The Provincial de Almería has opened the deadline for applications to join the 'Plan Self-employed and Entrepreneurs’ until the next 15 November.

The president of the Provincial Institution, Aureliano Javier García, has detailed that this initiative “pioneering and innovative” It is aimed at both autonomous current and prospective entrepreneurs 71 Municipalities with less than 3.000 people.

Once published the bases for the Official Gazette of the Province, freelancers and entrepreneurs can register their application at the Provincial Institution to access financing at zero cost, no fees or interest, investment and new business projects.

Thereby, County Council offers self-employed or start their activity in these municipalities a total of 40 million over five years to fund operations until 25.000 euros at zero cost to realize their business projects.


Garcia has indicated that it is “an important day” for self-employed and entrepreneurs in the province and that anyone who “have an idea and talent to develop in the municipalities of less than 3.000 people today have the opportunity to access financing at zero cost”.

“We offer 40 million, interest, or commissions and reducing the administrative bureaucracy. It was a commitment that I took in the takeover and that has materialized with the aim of securing the population and talent in the province”, he assured.

The president stressed that this initiative which launches Council “We fulfill several objectives” They are passing through help freelancers who want to undertake, create jobs and wealth; and facilitate economic activity inside, equaling opportunities in all these municipalities.

In this sense, It has detailed the maximum amount that can access each applicant will be 25.000 euros “at zero cost”.

The plan is all self-employed beneficiaries already established and future entrepreneurs 71 municipalities under 3.000 inhabitants of the province.

“We headed to a segment of the population with specific weight in the economy of the province. Now, in these municipalities there 3.996 It is representing autonomous 28% affiliates to social security in the province. As an institution we want to put at your fingertips all the tools to continue growing”, he stressed

Last, Garcia explained the “big bet” the team's governing council makes this measure. “Entrepreneurs in our province have taken the best image of Almería worldwide, with this plan we do our bit to begin to grow smaller entrepreneurs to become the biggest”, has completed.