Almanzora desalination plant will not enter into service before two years

Desalination Villaricos.

Desalination Villaricos.

The secretary general of the PSOE in Almería, José Luis Sánchez Teruel, He has castigated the Popular Party "five years of deception" to the province.

Francisco Javier Baratech, general manager Acuamed, has been adamant about the commissioning of the desalination plant runs may during the meeting in Madrid with Aguas del Almanzora and representatives of the Central Board of Water Users Valle del Almanzora.

In this sense, Acuamed He told the irrigators who expects to receive as soon as possible of the Ministry of Environment Evacuation Plan certifying that the reservoir of Cuevas del Almanzora and Rambla de Canalejas They can regulate together to 3.000 cubic meters in case of new floods occur. According to information provided byAcuamed representatives of the Bureau of Water Almería, the presentation of this environmental plan "is a requirement" and, therefore, determines the start of work for the implementation of the desalination plant in Villaricos, found out of service for five years as a result of damage sustained by a flood in 2012.

For this reason, the Bureau of Water urges the Ministry of Environment to process emergency relevant reports to not further delay the start date for the reconstruction of the desalination plant and appeals to the maximum institutional collaboration between administrations to serve diligently water needs in the Almanzora, where the most serious effects of the drought suffered in the province of Almeria after the suspension of the transfer of the Tagus-Segura and Negratín-Almanzora.

Five years of deception
As for the duration of the work to repair the desalination plant in Villaricos, the state society Acuamed It has set a deadline of 30 months. "This means that until the middle of 2020 The desalination plant will not produce a drop of water. The slow deadlines, the demand for new reports and, above all, confirmation that the desalination plant can now be repaired because it is not operated by the case Acuamed It is the unfortunate culmination of five years of waiting and lies ", He explains the spokesman of the Bureau of Water Almería.

"We are outraged Irrigators, deceived and abandoned by a government that does not move a finger to solve the agony of four million trees and thousands of hectares mired in uncertainty about the lack of water ", adds Fernández, who reminds all authorities involved production losses due to lack of irrigation are resulting in loss of agricultural employment throughout the region ".

Water table
The Water Board is formed by the Federation of Irrigators of Almería (FERAL), Aguas de Almanzora, SADDLE, Central Board of Water Users Valle del Almanzora, User Community of the Region of Nijar (CUCN), General user community treated water (CGUAL), Central Board of Users of Poniente Almeriense, Central Board members Adra, Irrigators Association of Andalusia (AREDA), Almería irrigators (REGA), ASAJA, COAG y UPA, ASEMPAL, College of Agricultural Engineers of Almería and the College of Agricultural Engineers of Almería.

José Luis Sánchez reactions Teruel

The secretary general of the PSOE in Almería, José Luis Sánchez Teruel, He has castigated the Popular Party "five years of deception" to the province on a matter of great importance for economic development, as is the Cuevas del Almanzora desalination plant, an infrastructure that was disabled after the floods of the year 2012 and that, since then, Rajoy's government has not been put into operation on the grounds that it was taken over by the Provincial Court which prevented access.

After the publication of a damning study by the national company Aquamed in which categorically denies such an extent, Teruel Sanchez concludes that during these five years the PP "has not repaired the desalination plant, because he did not want ". "They could have intervened perfectly, They could have acted, but have again shown its incompetence ", lambasting. Every year, and due to the stoppage of the desalter, He has moved the leader of the Socialists almerienses, They have stopped producing 15 hectometres for field almeriense, and all "by the irresponsibility of the PP". "It is very serious that we have been lying for so long," while Almeria has abandoned the field is at a critical juncture because of the extreme drought.

José Luis Sánchez Teruel considered directly responsible for this nonsense to provincial leaders of the PP. "Farmers have not had water lift by a political decision of the PP", He has criticized. "Mari Carmen Crespo requests the Board 15 million euros of Andalusia for a new desalination plant in the Almanzora and is not able to ask his party to repair the existing and with which he has shown his incompetence for five years ", He has accused the Popular Party spokesman in the Andalusian Parliament and parliamentary Almería.