The Government Delegate Business Center “Land Oria”.

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Ferrer highlights the strong involvement of the Almanzora in the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders.

The Government delegate of the Junta de Andalucia in Almeria, Sonia Ferrer, highlighted the "strong involvement" of all the Almanzora in the rehabilitation of young offenders on their visit to juvenile detention center today, "Land Oria", attached to the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs. This center has the means and resources necessary for performance of any judicial detention measures set out in existing Criminal Responsibility of Minors.

During his visit, Ferrer has highlighted the significant investment of the Board, annually spends more than 10 million to the center, and its work of rehabilitation of these young closely with the municipalities in the region in promoting the employment programs of this complex, which is a source of direct employment of about 200 workers.

The Government delegate of the Board said during his visit that "it is worth, clearly, the investment efforts of the Board in its policies aimed at juvenile justice reeducate and reintegrate young offenders "and made reference to the latest research study by the University of Almería has been developed to analyze the development of the Law of Responsibility Minor Criminal community, in finding that the level of reintegration of juvenile offenders who complete the execution of any measures has increased in recent years, to a rate of 80 percent of young Andalusians again not to repeat.

Ferrer held a meeting with the director of the center, Manuel Madrid and with the management team who has acknowledged his 'great job', and the work performed by the professionals 'Oria Lands' and officials of the regional administration in charge of programs for juvenile offenders.

The Government delegate has made a visit to the facilities of the juvenile detention center, as well as various workshops and modules and accompanied minors, instructors and members of the management team in celebration carnival held today. For this fun day, internal, with their monitors and free time, have developed-recyclable materials- different costumes for the jokes that have competed for top spot.

The detention center Juvenile Offenders, located in the town of Oria, is managed by the Association for the management of social integration 'Ginso', whose intervention is directed to redirect inappropriate behavior or attitude towards proper social behavior, implementing strategies and intervention techniques at various levels such as educational, formativo labor, social, psychological, therapeutic, doctor lifestyle normalized, as health, hygiene, leisure, etc..

This has a set of intervention programs and educational workshops and job training internal and external, ranging from formal training, own workshops, vocational training for employment, mentoring program and the social and labor integration programs of psychosocial intervention. Also, This center works with a number of other specific programs such as measures aimed at children with family abuse or juvenile defendants in crimes against sexual freedom, inter alia.

Users of the center are smaller males over 14 years old, on which rests a judicial internment, therapeutic detention for drug addiction or mental health therapy and may be in open regime, semi-open or closed. It holds a total of 130 children and 30 the squares are for therapeutic placement in detoxification of toxic; 34 for mental health and therapeutic 66 of regimental general.

Therapeutic Mental Health Center complex has specialized professionals addressing a multidisciplinary pathology less, providing individualized treatment and adjusted to the needs of each user and Therapeutic Center for Detoxification of Toxic pursues a program that motivate Low to abandon toxic and facilitates strategies to maintain abstinence continues, addition to promoting healthy lifestyles.