The Government delegate thanked the staff Infoca in Seron its commitment to citizens in fire fighting tasks

Seron troops from CEDEFO pose with delegates.

Seron troops from CEDEFO pose with delegates.

The Government delegate of the Andalusian, Grace Fernandez, accompanied by the territorial delegate of the Environment, Antonio Martinez, yesterday afternoon visited the facilities of Forest Defense Seron to know the available means of the device at the center Infoca Plan.

this visit, which falls in which you are performing in different CEDEFOS province, as he announced in the CEDEFO of Alhama, He had a purpose, to "thank all the staff and Infoca in our province constitute 450 people, all the work, dedication, the commitment and efforts being made not only in summer , but on the day ".

Gracia Fernández thanked the work of all these professionals because they "are an essential part of Infoca Plan and are a guarantee for the people of Almería, because evitando sinisiestros, They give security to the natrual heritage and people ".

The Government delegate also wanted recordales that are a reference in Andalusia, since they are being very innovative techniques in prevention launched, such as prescribed burns. The use of technical fire is a tool that comes in response to the new challenges that teams face extinction. Last April the Regional Team Andalucía burnings was established in order to harmonize and promote the use of fire in the Autonomous Community, and coordinating training device Infoco in handling technical fire.

The company has also been worth the extensive program of social participation and prevention to raise awareness about the consequences of the fires that developed the device INFOCA. For example, the 'Seed' project, developed through environmental education program 'Hamlet', enables more than 1.330 school children 18 schools can meet the problem of forest fires from an early age.

During the tour of the CEDEFO of Seron, Gracia Fernández stressed the commitment of the Government of Andalusia by the INFOCA, and proof of this are the improvements that are taking place in terms of resources, not only material but also human of the Plan. In this regard, he recalled that there has been progress in a very important as the implementation of the procedure subject to access partial retirement of seconded staff to the device Infoco Plan. This measure was recently agreed with employee representatives, and part of its historical claims.

The agreement allows the reduction of working hours 50% Personnel who avails voluntarily and meets the legal requirements and, turn, underwriting replacement contracts to cover half of the day to stop making partially retired workers. This measure, which can increase the operability of the device, "It is a breakthrough for older workers the device, through his partial retirement, allow new hires, which will result in a rejuvenation of the workforce ", He added Gracia Fernández.

Also, the delegate also recalled the impetus from the Department of Environment and Planning of historic agreements that result in improvements to the device and personal effectiveness thereof. Specifically, recognition of the figure of wildland firefighter, Also according to the representation of workers, "Aiming to develop an integrated model of environmental emergencies and professionalism in the work of the natural environment in Andalusia, which is at the forefront ", in the words of the delegate.

Adistramiento use of aircraft.

During his visit to CEDEFO Seron,the government delegate received theoretical and practical instruction necessary to make mandatory use of air assets assigned to the INFOCA Plan in accordance with the rules established by Royal Decree 750/2014 whereby air activities firefighting and search and rescue are regulated.

Extinguishing media Almería.

The Infoca Plan account for this campaign with the participation of 470 professionals who joined the technical means and materials. Specifically, 15 heavy vehicles (13 pumpers and 15 nurses), to which is added 1 Mobile Meteorology and Transmission Unit (UMMT).

Regarding air assets, the device is positioned in the province of Almería 4 aircraft (1 cargo aircraft and ground 3 helicopters). This whole device is complemented by a Provincial Operations Center (COP), 3 Forest Protection Centers (Pannier, Alhama de Almería and Velez-Blanco), in addition to the runway Gérgal, water intake points for aircraft and 19 points surveillance and fire detection systems distributed throughout the province.

This campaign will also count with the collaboration of the Forces of State Security, Attached unit regional police, Local police and the Military Emergency Unit.