Downtown, located in Macael, noted for their teaching, sporting achievements and marble carving sports trophies.

The territorial delegate of Education, Culture and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, Isabel Arevalo, has visited the "Occupational Center Lanes" for people with disabilities. The delegate has been accompanied by the Mayor of Macael, Raúl Martínez; Diego Martínez, president of the Center; Francisco Cruz, President of Club Deportivo San Marcos, and Emilio Cruz, Councilman Disabilities.

During the visit, that has served to learn more about all the activity that this center, also explained the purpose of the extension work being carried out to give it more capacity and make it more operational. The delegate could check the work done by students in the workshops where wood and marble works, special interest in stone carvings.

After exhausting the school stage, persons with disabilities have the option to enter the "Occupational Center Lanes" to learn to perform work through workshops for subsequent social integration in their midst, so the benefits are many. In addition to occupational education, they acquire autonomy and self-esteem to perform everyday tasks, acquire knowledge of the instrumental subjects, receive dance lessons and sports practices performed in the sports training to compete at the national level and achieve high levels of personal fulfillment and practice. Turn, students the "Occupational Center Lanes" Macael trained to learn a trade in the shop of natural stone and encouraging social contacts.

Experience enables the integration of these people into everyday life through the different content taught at the center. This is an important educational experience with a potential, as, therethrough, acquire skills that enable you to perform a job at a local company in which they live. This allows them to adapt successfully to society and the workforce, with a huge personal satisfaction. Also, basic learning and reinforcing literacy, memory and promotes cooperative work, recreational activities and participation in sports competitions. Education also works in securities, relationships and the normalization of habits and behavior as an essential prelude to other learning.

This center is also known for sporting merit, having recently achieved first place in the national ranking of sport for the intellectually disabled. In this sense his greatest achievements are concentrated in paragraph Rhythmic Gymnastics. Another activity in this occupational protruding center is carved in marble of sports trophies, and in this sense, the delegate of Education has highlighted "the teamwork and the enthusiasm with which it works in the center, these aspects are certainly on the basis of many achievements ".