The delegation of ICEX in Almería is interested in knowing the situation and needs of the marble sector.

The provincial director of trade and ICEX delegate in Almería, Cecilia Navarro Garriga visited the natural stone sector in Almería in order to know and understand firsthand the situation and needs of the business, ideas or projects likely to have the companies to reach foreign markets and making available of these instruments that the Secretary of State for Trade has for this purpose, as funding, foreign investment, mentoring programs for companies that start their internationalization, organizing conferences or workshops specifically, advocacy etc ...

In this sense, Navarro has visited several area companies engaged in various activities, crafts, extraction and processing, crushed, sale of tables with own warehouse, to learn firsthand to each of these companies and get an overall picture of what they can do through their work and the different types of enterprises in the area.

Subsequently the delegate of ICEX in Almería met with the president of EEA, Antonio Martinez and several board members to know the status of the association and its needs, assess possible ways of joint initiatives and seek suggestions on how you can contribute ICEX to promote internationalization in the sector.

Finally remember that ICEX is a public company nationwide whose mission is to promote the internationalization of Spanish companies to contribute to the competitiveness and add value to the economy as a whole, and attracting foreign investment to Spain. Provides services through a network of 31 provincial and territorial departments of commerce in Spain and almost 100 economic and trade offices abroad. Available, also, of 19 business centers abroad, offered to Spanish companies as a temporary infrastructure incubators internationalization.