The coordinator of the IAJ participates in a talk on gender violence in the IES Martín García Ramos Albox.

Albox General

The provincial coordinator of the Andalusian Institute of Youth (IAJ), Naomi Cruz has participated in a briefing at the IES Martín García Ramos of the town of Albox. This activity is part of the campaign 'Yes, Is Love ', driven by the Andalusian Institute for Women (NOW) and IAJ, to promote among youth a healthy and egalitarian romantic relationships, raising awareness in this sector of the population on the relationship between gender roles and gender violence.

Naomi Cruz explained that "through talks like this is intended to teach youth guidelines for conflict resolution and couple models are considered respectful yes, beyond stereotypes, myths and behaviors inherited ". To Cross "is necessary to continue educating in egalitarian values ​​for youth to banish sexist attitudes and thoughts that support gender violence, and still perpetuated in the adolescent population ".

The provincial coordinator of the IAJ believes that "we must pay special attention to young people and adolescents, to avoid reproducing sexist roles and behaviors, at a time also when many of them start their first relationships ".

During the meeting with students of IES Martín García Ramos, Naomi Cruz has also reported on the various resources and services that offers the Andalusian Institute of Youth, as the processing of the youth card, labor camps volunteer service, Phone Information, training courses or management of European programs such as Erasmus +.