Continuing beyond Galasa 1 December is in the air after failing to reach agreement in the

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The continuity of the public company Galasa, which manages the water in the Levant and the Almanzora Valley, beyond the 1 December is in the air, because it has not reached an agreement developed extraordinary plenary session Wednesday in the Council.

Since the government team (PP) They have proposed to approve an increase in the rate of water from a 24 percent to Galasa “balance his accounts” and you can continue working after the 1 December 2016.

PP spokesman, Aureliano Javier García, has stated that “the only solution is to approve tariffs, that they are high, It is true, but it is the only solution we have informed technically and legally”. This measure will have to vote in the plenary sessions of integrated townships in Galasa system, although, moment, PSOE municipalities refuse to give the green light to the proposal.

From the socialist group, his spokesman, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, He has proposed “raise rates if needed”, but it has refused to budget balance falls “in the 60.000 Galasa users”. Lorenzo has defended the division of the annual deficit of the entity, of 3.133.000 euros according to data of the year 2015, between the Provincial, Galasa and neighboring municipalities that serves the company.

Socialist MP has said that “It is necessary to good management” before touching the pocket of users, as, according to its proposal, the Council should invest “five million euros in arranging water leaks, which could fall during the first six months of 2017 of 52 percent actual losses to 40 percent, which would result in savings of around one million euros”.

On the other hand, Galasa has proposed public tender that will lift its external services, with an annual expenditure of about four million euros, whereby “we could get another million savings there”. In this manner, service users should only cover the cost of debt with a rate rise of around nine percent.

Since the PP they have explained that the PSOE's proposals do not have a technical or financial guarantee and, to have him, They give their approval so to reach a consensus to avoid the closure of Galasa next 1 December. The absence of report has also prevented people from voting this proposal in the, so the session was dissolved without reaching any agreement.

Gabriel Amat, President of the Provincial de Almería, has said that since 2012 he wanted to take action “to stabilize and economic empowerment in Galasa” and recalled that “They have done many things within the possibilities we have had”, but now the situation is “In the limit”.

Also, has stated that “if there is a solution the government team will look. The PSOE has done nothing to give us some documents, balancing proposals so that we can fix the situation. You can not charge more than what is spent, It is true, but we must balance. We do not want to close the company, in all settlements from 2012 I said that we are all responsible for Galasa and its deficit, and that this was going to explode hands”.

Amat said that “in the lost nothing by”, but if the solution becomes effective the Galasa 1 December will ask “the responsibilities you have to ask”.