The Department of Development reopens to traffic the A-350, between Huercal-Overa and Pulpí.

General Huercal Overa

Works to repair the damage caused by the storm have involved the construction of a new structure on the Rambla del Pinar.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has reopened to traffic the A-350, between Huercal-Overa and Pulpí, after that in the last days are completed the final auction of the restoration work that the Ministry undertook to remedy the serious damage caused by torrential rains in eastern Almería in September 2012. The Minister of Public Works, Elena Cortés, has visited these repair works, that have required a total investment of 6 million.

Cortes explained that the A-350 suffered extensive damage along its entire length, between the junction with the N-340a in Huercal-Overa and liaison with the A-1201 or variant western Pulpí, forcing it to cut traffic in several areas. The performances consisted, mainly, in complete restitution of the road, service roads and verges on a stretch of 5 kilometers was more affected. In the rest of the path, to complete the 10 kilometers, have been cleaned and service roads have been restored embankment slopes and berms affected by erosion, plus rebuild longitudinal drainage ditches and replace the metal barrier in all sections concerned.

As stated by the Minister, rains also destroyed the structure in the Rambla del Pinar, so the Ministry has built a new, with 120 Total meters long and 3 openings 40 m each. The intervention in the A-350 has completed the replacement of lighting busbar in this road link with the N-340a and the replacement of vertical and horizontal signaling affected by all the trace. Cortes added that "during the time of execution of work, the Provincial Delegation of Public Works and Housing has ensured that Huercal-Overa and were properly communicated Pulpí, by enabling an alternative route ", that from today will be closed to traffic.

During the visit, which also has been accompanied by the territorial delegate, Embodies Caparros, Cortes said that "today we recover for traffic road of special interest to the Almeria Levante, this Ministry commissioned in August 2011 after an investment of 13,5 million, Mascerca under the Plan ". Under this Plan tranche Pulpí also conditioned at the coast in San Juan de los Terreros, open to traffic in August 2010, with 12,5 million, as the minister has detailed.

"These figures demonstrate the Board's commitment to the regional road network Almería, in which the Board has made a complete damage restoration work after that vacation 2012, with 10 million only in emergency works ", He added the minister.