The Minister reiterated in Seron Board's commitment to care for dependents.

The Minister of Equality, Health and Social Policy of the Government of Andalusia, María José Sánchez Rubio today visited the residence of Senior Municipal Seron, where he held a meeting with professionals and users of the center. Sánchez Rubio reiterated during the visit the firm commitment of the Government of Andalusia care for dependents.

María José Sánchez Rubio has made a tour of the school facilities, visiting the area management, kitchens, the rehabilitation or common areas for residents. During the visit he participated in a breakfast with users and has held a meeting with professionals, to which he has moved to "the Andalusian is making a great effort to keep the system of dependency care, despite the regulatory changes imposed by the Central Government ".

Sánchez Rubio recalled that "when the implementation of the Law on the Unit Home, the central government and the regional governments shared the 50% funding of services specified in the standard; Now the government is withdrawing funding law in Andalucía and the Board assumes the solo 72% the budget of the facilities and services ".

Nonetheless, the Minister of Equality, Health and Social Policy noted that the Andalusian government "remains committed to the most vulnerable people in our society, those who most need help and we will not allow the economic crisis left in the lurch ".

The City Residence Elderly Seron has a staff of 23 Professional and holds a concert 67 sleeps with the Andalusian. During the past year 2013 the Department of Equality, Health and Social Policy has paid 855.731 euros for the care of older people living in the center.

In the town of Seron we currently 136 beneficiaries of the care system dependence 179 performance and remain 31 jobs in the town related to this sector. Outside the scope of the care dependency, in the town there is a basic residential care center for children who are wards of the Andalusian.