Ortiz Minister stressed the importance of Almeria meat sector, an increase of 58% exports.

The Minister emphasized the support of the Board to agribusiness in the province during a visit to the XXI Fair Serón ham and sausages.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Carmen Ortiz, He has excelled in Seron (Almería) the importance of the meat sector in the province, with "products are increasingly appreciated outside our borders". Proof of this is that the export of meat products totaled 845.000 EUR 2014, a 58% rather than 2013, according to the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (Icex), he noted.

During a visit to the XXI edition of the Fair of ham and sausages Seron, the minister stressed that Almería, the province with the highest value of agricultural production in Andalusia, not only it stands out for its important horticultural production, but, also, It is the second province in pig production, and accounts for a fifth of the total Andalusian. "Precisely here, in the Almanzora, It concentrates one of the largest pig productions and companies engaged in the production of hams and sausages, as we can now enjoy ", Ortiz has highlighted

Also, thanks to the Protected Geographical Indication 'Serón ham', "That you have driven, new markets and opportunities will open, and the reputation of these products will take care ", Ortiz has ensured

The minister stressed, equally, tradition and excellent quality of hams and sausages in the area, as well as its business of great economic and social importance, billing over 50 million euros and employs about 500 people directly.

Equally, He has stressed the support that the Government of Andalusia has made "the major modernization effort" made by the sector in recent years, with incentives over 1,5 million euros for an investment of over five million. "Support will continue to offer through the new Rural Development Programme in Andalusia, which it has more than 200 million for the improvement of our agribusiness ", recalled.

The Minister congratulated the City of Seron and Business Association, "For this excellent initiative, Fair Ham and Sausages, compliant and 21 years ". "This initiative, clearly, It helps spread the excellent qualities of local products, so that increasingly more people enjoy ", he asserted the minister, which it has affected the "support of the Junta de Andalucía for this sector to continue to generate wealth and employment opportunities in this land".

The meat sector in Almeria and in the Almanzora

Almeria province has one of the largest cabins Andalusian pigs, with 253 highly productive farms, with an annual capacity of bait 1.200.000 animals. Also, concentrated 40% squares of white pig bait Andalusia.

The Almanzora features 62 and pig farms 34.099 animal bait. These farms also have a capacity to 2.025 animales get, 2.000 piglets and 759 bristles belly.

In the province of Almería there 45 ham drying and 22 sausage factories that, with a production of more than five million kilos and a turnover of more than 50 million, employing some 500 people.