The British community donates almost Zurgena 3.000 euros for schools and hundreds of kilos of food


Donations will improve schools and the distribution of food to families at risk of social exclusion.

The British community this Christmas contributed their grain of sand working in different charitable causes in the municipality of Zurgena. In recent days various groups and associations of citizens of British origin have been delivered in the City of donations that will contribute to the improvement of the municipality and the fight against social exclusion.

Responsible for the church in Los Llanos del Peral have made delivery 21 lots of food that represent hundreds of kilos to distribute to local families in situations of social exclusion or at risk of being, following the criteria of social services. The Consistory is making this week delivering food to families in the municipality. "The contribution of hundreds of food will enable the holding of more decent Christmas for dozens of families in our town", He explained the Deputy Mayor, Noelia Garcia, so it has shown its appreciation "on behalf of all zurgeneros by this enormous gesture of solidarity".

For his part, businessman Peter Dell and Gary Bowell has delivered a check 1.500 euros will go to improvements and fixes in schools in the municipality. The donation is for charity events and concerts organized in recent months in the municipality and whose collection has been designed for this purpose. The Councillor for Education and Social Services, Lola Garcia, has welcomed "the initiative of these neighbors that energize the city with their celebrations and at the same time have very present needs Zurgena".

The mayor added that "this contribution joins 1.000 euros which recently gave us the Harmony association also for our schools, so in recent weeks they have been 2.950 euros intended for this cause. Neighbors and associations who contribute their work to the social life of Zurgena and who at the same time thanked solidarity and involvement ". And it is that these acts of solidarity with an English accent was joined by another local businessman days ago, Glenn Randall, with a contribution of 450 euros also for schools.

Meanwhile the mayor of Zurgena, Luis Diaz, He thanked "all associations and neighbors, regardless of their origin, who are collaborating with various charitable causes such as the collection of toys or giving contributions "and recalled that" the City Council we are always willing to collaborate and to reach out to all events and initiatives that aim to make a better city ".

Diaz has valued these gestures "as a clear example of the integration of the British community in our town, so we must continue working in this line with such important services like Help Desk, the window English citizen services we offer from the City.