The neighborhood of Palaces (Zurgena) protest at being left out of the asphalt works.

General Zurgena

The neighborhood association in the neighborhood of Torrecica Palaces Zurgena have started a protest to feel the 'forgotten’ provincial plantes of the Council of Almería. The works of contemplated tarmac, as explained from the association, Only a few homes recently built, understand, should have made the constructor of the work itself.

The historic neighborhood of Palaces, municipality of Zurgena, Association led by its Neighbours "The Torrecica" (AAVVT), has been placed on a "war footing". His neighbors, during the festive day of 28F, have shown flashes of his belligerent side to dig your neighborhood state of neglect, in which is the fruit of indolence and neglect of Ayto. de Zurgena.

The triggering events, have been, one side, prove to be the only neighborhood of the municipality completely excluded from receiving the, more than € 300,000 approved for Zurgena in recent provincial plans; and other, implementation in recent tarmac Palaces, has favored, inexplicably, some newly built homes, that, at the time, had to develop the builder and now the same is charged to the municipal bill, unpaved leaving huge holes and tunnels that threaten the physical integrity of neighboring, separated by less than a meter away to the public via the Camino Real, without the need for the High Street Farms and others in the neighborhood, that looks rather nineteenth century.

These events reach their maximum degree of contempt for the neighborhood, when, the company carrying, on the side of the road, Zurgena address, only 50 m. has thrown, as a waste, a generous handful of square meters of much needed equipment.

All this coincided in time with the offer of the Department of Culture and Sports to AAVVT few kilos of flour and firewood for crumbs and thus celebrate Andalusia Day. The association, argued that "we do crumbs budget, asphalt but not ". This performance is joined in the lawsuit filed Ayto. they returned to the ancient name their streets and roads, as well as the name of palaces which reads in historical documents with over four years, and that political leaders have renamed "The Palaces".

Neighbors Palaces, through its association, report that, “all these grievances, have come into the wave of the tsunami that devastated property Zurgena, result of the insatiable greed and endless source of cultural ignorance of a group of political, many with court cases, totaling and continue, with greater weight in the tasks of local government, covered by figureheads allegados by him "change of jacket" the transfuguismo”.