The High Court asks the Ciemat the record of transfer of radioactive material to Palomares

The National Court has asked the Center for Energy Research, Environment and Technology (Ciemat) to send it the full file transfer and storage 2016 almost 1.500 kilos of radioactive material to Palomares, Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería), and to certify whether or not this action had favorable report from the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN).

The Contentious-administrative requests the CIEMAT, in case of “not exist” said record, and certified by the secretary of the institution to understand that the transfer of these materials is a “relevant fact” when deciding whether atomic forces the regulator to implement the rehabilitation plan for the area was approved in 2010.

providence, consulted by Europa Press, Free trade also contribute to inventory “all radioactive materials” which they are stored in two containers located next to two irrigation ponds and asked to indicate “the date on which they were transferred” Madrid to Palomares although the data have transpired so far speak for the months of May and November 2016.

The National Court agrees, also, definitely incorporate the procedure documents submitted by the promoters of procedure, Ecologists in Action, which supports test request. Specifically, This is the press release, jointly, issued CIEMAT and the City of Caves day 26 October 2018 and in which it is said that the transfer was made “without knowledge of Enresa or CSN”.

These documents also include a photograph of signaling this “temporary storage”, signaling it says is “simulate which may have a hunting, without in any area of ​​the fence appears some signs indicating that in those containers stored radioactive material” and three other snapshots, this time obtained from Google Earth and at different size scales, “the two containers placed next to two irrigation ponds next to the cemetery in Palomares”.

Last, It incorporates a fifth photograph of the building 33 the IR 17 Ciemat with part of said radioactive waste, before they were transported to Palomares.

The Contentious-administrative and rejected the opposition of the State Bar to the High Court indagase this transfer. This argued that this transfer “He had no connection” with the decision on the rehabilitation plan of the area.

“If the claim is that Palomares decontaminate and removal of contaminated soil is requested, It relates to the claim and is a relevant fact that a new storage occurs therein”, He indicated in its self 7th Section, He is stressing the fact that is supposed to be “land is taken from that place” for analysis “Now back to it it is something that must relate test”.

With these last steps, the High Court wants to verify the accuracy of such facts and “clear out” the origin of these radioactive materials following Ecologists in Action had asked an extension of facts after “news reports” revealed that the transport of this material, which it was subsequently recognized by the CIEMAT itself, that needed that came surveys conducted on the floor of Palomares to prepare the characterization study 3-D.

Specifically, explained that samples were collected directly the 40 hectares contaminated sediments and soils as. He said that the first shipment was 10 It may and was composed of 76 boxes with different samples of total weight 796 kilos and radiological activity 0.9 MBq (241Am) and 3.6 MBq (239+240Could) while the second was run the 29 November with 77 boxes with different samples, total weight 670 kilos and a total activity of 0.77 MBq (241Am) 3.08 MBq (239+240Could). From the CIEMAT it argues that have “very low radiological activity”.

The amount of land has changed CLEAN

Throughout the procedure, the State Bar has recognized that the volume of soil contaminated with radioactivity to clean has changed with respect to the provisions of the rehabilitation plan approved 2010 for the area, but he has denied that this is due to a modification of the radiological criteria.

Ecologists in Action claims, however, the CSN, at its meeting 22 July 2015, “modified radiological criteria to be applied in Palomares and reduced the amount of land to be treated and sieved 50.000 cubic meters 28.000 cubic meters approximately”, and, after, He signed the agreement for the transfer and storage of waste generated US, that would have conditioned the heading to these changes “for political reasons, without scientific basis”.

The State attorney argues, however, that over time “It has provided data and media to consider more realistic situations, versus conservative estimates initially used to determine the activity concentration values (levels derivatives) and this “affects the volume of soil to be removed, without any change in the level of intervention 1mSv / year, minimum value” radiation to be received by the population.


The State attorney has admitted to the cause “impossibility” both starting “at present” rehabilitation of contaminated land as “set a deadline” for implementing the plan since it has character “preliminary” and only general outlines without giving “full compliance with all requirements of the Regulation on Protection against Ionizing Radiations (Rpsri) and the Regulations on Nuclear and Radioactive Facilities (RINR)”.

recognized, in this line, that “help” US to manage radioactive waste generated by the restoration of contaminated sites is “essential to give definitive solution to this problem important”, since Spain “It has no facilities for the disposal of these materials contaminated with plutonium” but revealed that “there is no agreement for final waste management” generated.

Source: EuropaPress