The Alzheimer's Association and receive computer equipment FAISEM center Guadalinfo


The City of Huércal-Overa has signed an agreement with Consorcio Fernando de Los Rios, responsible for carrying out the Plan for Modernization in Guadalinfo Centers, through the renewed use of the elements to municipalities and entities it gives nonprofit, whose purpose contributes to economic development, cultural and social development of the municipalities hosting the Centers affected Guadalinfo.

The objective is to promote the use of information and communications technology, by transferring the use of certain equipment.

So recently it delivered the computer equipment Guadalinfo the City Center, with the transfer of 5 Desktops and 4 Notebook, Alzheimer's Association has received a desktop, a laptop and a multifunction printer, FAISEM and received a desktop and a laptop.

The Deputy Mayor, Maribel Sanchez, together with the Councillor for Education, Belen Martinez, and Works and Services, Blas Sanchez, They were present at the delivery of the material to associations and for receiving equipment Hall.

Sanchez added that the City Council "we have adhered to this agreement as it brings advantages for the own town and associations that benefit from the hardware without having to purchase. Apart from the City we provide free software installation, through the center Guadalinfo, for equipment, being aware of the need and the avoidance well as spending more to these associations ".