The Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals-Albox Almanzora Valley reaches an agreement to reduce the cost of telecommunications partners.

AEPA and ‘Orange’ word a convention that will lower exclusively a Member of AEPA the costs of telephony and ADSL for SMEs and autonónomos.

Small and medium enterprises in Albox and the Almanzora Valley will be able to enjoy significant savings on their telecommunications. The Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals Albox, Almanzora Valley (AEPA) has reached an agreement with the company 'Orange’ that will lower the costs of SMEs in Internet telephony and the only requirement to be a part of this business community.

Self-employed and companies associated with SEPA will thus benefit from a discount on the base price that the company offers in the market. This agreement was made possible thanks to the collaboration between the two parties, have signed an agreement that will have one year and shall be valid for those partners who decide to change AEPA phone company. However, Thanks to this understanding, those who already enjoy the benefits of 'Orange’ in your company and are members of the business association, may obtain advice for improving the rate and for more efficient use of telecommunication tools.

Companies Albox Almanzora Valley and can thus access more benefits that once they get more savings on your bills. For the president of AEPA, Martin Martos, this agreement is "great news and a unique opportunity for businesses in our area. SMEs and freelancers can benefit from savings in something as important and essential these days as telecommunications. Starting with advantage over other companies in this sense is a plus to consider. AEPA Since we can only invite our partners to seek advice on these new opportunities and invite those companies not yet part of our association to do so, because we have advantages for them in many other areas besides telecommunications ". The president of AEPA concluded thanking "Orage and his provincial officials their work and collaboration to help in this way the business sector".

For his part, Dionisio Rodriguez, Accounts executive Almeria 'One Telecom’ y ‘Orange’ has made available to all member companies advice and noted other advantages to such important sectors in the area such as transport, pointing to the "zero cost" for calls between lines of the same company in Europe, regardless of the country they are made, Among other advantages. Rafael Benavides, sales supervisor in the province, stressed that this agreement allows the member "to benefit from discounts than any other customer would have a chance to enjoy". Benavides has shown its intention to work from now on "the hand of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals-Albox Almanzora Valley".