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The full council unanimously approved the proposal of the PSOE to be endowed to the association of disabled Virgin River with a new location because the current did not meet the necessary mobility for wheelchairs space, or indicating access rules.

El pasado viernes tuvo lugar el pleno del ayuntamiento de Huércal-Overa, in which an emergency motion presented by the Socialist councilors, for approving the provision of new premises for the association of disabled Virgin River town of Almeria.

The Socialists argued that "current facilities do not meet minimum habitability requirements to allow effective work for this group, giving the case that when two disabled wheelchair attend a meeting, you get to block all the space available and it is impossible to move about local. The access ramp is temporary wooden therefore violates the rules of accessibility for disabled. Adaptation for the visually impaired is null, as well as furniture work, among many other needs ".

The motion of the socialist municipal group asked to provide this association of disabled as soon as possible a decent home and meets the requirements of habitability necessary for this group, in addition to providing furniture and fixtures necessary for the association to enable them to carry out their activities and achieve the objectives for which the association was created, It is approved by all political groups that form the heart of Huércal-Overa unanimously.

The PSOE also requested several performances in asphalting and lighting in the neighborhood of Santa Barbara, as well as the arrangement of the way of Cocones, a solution for the site located behind the barracks of the Civil Guard, that the neighbors take their pets to do their needs, which is creating a health problem, and improved communication of the events of the opposition council, so you do not have to learn through the press, as recently it happened with the opening track learning road safety.