The Assembly decides entrepreneurs, unanimously, not to extend the terms of the agreement Canteras.

Companies have been forced to apply the general agreement for the building from the day 1 January 2.014, since the extension of the terms of the agreement extinguished 7 July, concluded last 31 December.

The marble business association this morning held an extraordinary general meeting with a single point of the day: Report on the negotiations of the new Convention and Agglomerated Stone, the status of the firms after the extinction of the conditions of the previous agreement and the current analysis to the implementation of the new general agreement for the building.
Entrepreneurs present voted unanimously not to renew six months the terms of the agreement extinguished, as the unions asked at the last meeting of the negotiating committee for the elaboration of the new Convention and Agglomerated Stone. Since the employer is defined as "that from the day 8 July 2013 we've had enough time to reach an agreement between both parties ". The employer continues to add "have passed 6 months and has not gotten anything, claims to adapt to the new convention market needs without it implied the loss of workers' rights, from the beginning have been marked as red lines by the unions, therefore understand that we should not delay further in time a negotiation in which the unions only talk about past and no future ".

Also, President Antonio Martinez said that "they have been many times that I have publicly defended and still do that the idea of ​​the employer does not subtract purchasing power workers but businesses can become more competitive by increasing the profitability of machinery. Companies we are forced to adapt to market requirements, only in this way the economic recovery of the sector and job creation in the region will be achieved "

Since July, continues adding "our position has always been: maintain current pay scales without loss of any kind, setting annual day prior compensation, setting rentals one month a year like most conventions, the opportunity to serve on Saturdays prior establishment of a plus and without exceeding the 40 weekly hours, introduce a system of irregular time 15% that enables companies to adapt to changing market needs and meet orders that require timely serve businesses and creating shifts that include a weekly day from Monday to Saturday or Monday to Sunday that respects workers breaks and after compensation.
Finally the assembly agreed that the President, Antonio Martinez visit each of the partner companies to explain to workers the position that the employer has maintained from the beginning, and the changes that will occur with the General Convention of construction applied from the day 1 January.