YS claims the natural values ​​of the Sierra de los Filabres with a day of living.

Young warn of threats on the mountain, as the depopulation or disappearance of unique elements.

Above 40 young socialists from across the province participated in a day of living in the Sierra de los Filabres, in which it has claimed the enhancement of this natural area, both from a conservation point of view and for its ability to act as an engine of economic development in the region. Activity, organized by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Socialist Youth (JSA) Almeria, was developed in the recreational area of ​​La Silveria, Purchena and counted with the participation of the charge of this area and Secretary General of JSA Purchena, Elisabet Gonzalez, JSA secretary general of the province, Ramon Soto, Secretary of the PSOE Purchena, Antonio Martinez, y Rodrigo Sánchez, member of the Executive of the PSOE in Andalusia.

Participants, come from towns like Sierro, Olula River, Mojácar, Tower, Lubrín, Carboneras, Olula of the Huercal-Overa Castro, They both highlighted the benefits of the Almeria province with an area of ​​incalculable ecological value, environmental, cultural, ethnologic, geological and human, to be put in value. In this sense, also warned of the need to safeguard saw the threats that hang over her, such as the disappearance of unique elements, depopulation and forest fires.

Natural and motor development

To deepen the knowledge of Filabres, Socialist Youth invited to participate in this journey to the environmentalist María José Fernández, who emphasized the great diversity of the Sierra, which houses approximately 50% of the plant species listed in the province of Almería and 20% species of Flora Ibérica. In this extensive Sierra, approximately 150.000 hectares, It is, also, the largest eagle population Almeria.

Since YS Almeria recall, moreover, Los Filabres has been an engine of economic development in the area for some time. An example of this was the intense mining activity in macael Seron, with its marble quarries and iron mines respectively, although young socialists stressed that the saw is also likely to continue to act as a source of wealth, the diversification of uses and sustainable commitment to value their natural resources formulas directly, such as the energy use of biomass, hunting activities and sustainable tourism.

Since YS indicate that the Andalusian, aware of the importance of this immense patrimony which is space and the need for comprehensive management of the same, He has spent the last few days 4,5 million to mitigate the effects of climate change, which have been translated into silvicultural treatments in an area of ​​nearly 2.900 hectares, that have been reforested or which has improved the condition of the forests.