Board, parties and social actors roundtable addresses the regularization of illegal dwellings.

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The Law Society hosts a panel discussion on Tuesday in the presence of the Andalusian, political parties and social partners to address the current status of dwellings outside the law in Andalucía and how it affects the modification of the Law on Urban Planning of Andalusia driven by the regional government for regularization.

The act, organized by the collegial body and the Architects, has generated a “bated” among British citizens resident in Almeria and affected by this problem, to be represented by the Association Urbanísticos Abuses Almanzora-No (AUAN).

The advisor AUAN, Gerardo Vázquez, indicated that this is a milestone as it would be the “first time that all three political parties with representation in the Andalusian Parliament together” to address this conflict and has moved perceived “a willingness to change”.

Vazquez, who has moved to be analyzing the proposed changes to the decree launched two years ago and “the extras that will be needed in the future”, has remarked that there is a need for “provide a solution to these homes, not only for reasons of legal certainty and the rights of people who live in them, for environmental reasons but also”.

In line with this, noted that the regularization decree approved two years ago “has had limited success” because, “precisely”, the problem you want to respond to the latest regulatory changes and passing through the “difficulty found in a group of houses that have resulted from the division of land, and that, according to the Board, Management can always act against them, even in a thousand years”.

“Obviously this is not a logical solution”, Vazquez has apuntillado, who has argued that this regulation “not conflict with the view of environmentalists” but, upside down, “alleviates the lack of control that exists today over the waste of such housing and recognize these homes allow the Administration to exercise greater control over them and their effects on the environment”.

He warned that otherwise would destroy 300.000 housing, whereby “create a major scandal, nor restore the environment as long debris or foundations or the pool left”.

“Although it is a very important step, It is only an initial step in a path, it would still work to do”, Vazquez has concluded, who has advanced to move to the table the need for a change in the Criminal Code and the Law on State Land “to try to protect bona fide purchasers who have fallen into the trap of buying these houses”.


Source: Europa Press.