Board considering creating a new order to regularize the mining restoration in the Sierra de Macael

Urracal naturally

The Andalusian has raised the creation of a new order to regulate the system restoration derivative concessions mining saw Macael to avoid blocking the activity performed by beds of area after, the previous Executive, payment of bank guarantees were required to ensure the environmental rehabilitation of sites.

Government sources have indicated Andalusian Europa Press that a meeting is scheduled in the coming weeks to address this issue with the city of Macael, having ownership of the quarries and receives a fee for the operation thereof concesionada, and entrepreneurs led by EEA, whose members resorted mostly in administrative decision taken by the Territorial Delegation of the Board.

So far the Board had defended the delivery of 11,3 million euros in bank guarantees for environmental restoration of the mountain, inasmuch as, October last year, They had been incorporated only 346.000 euros under the formula of payment of fee per tonne withdrawal, namely, three percent of the total cost needed to rehabilitate farms once their use is finished.

From Almeria this position was adopted pursuant to Article 42 Royal Decree 975/2009, which requires prior provision of guarantees to the exploitation of the mine, which features a range exceeding Instruction issued by the Board 2015 by payment of a royalty per ton of extracted stone was placed by a calculation that takes as reference 18 million, where the environmental cost of replacement is estimated as the Restoration Plan made by the city of Macael.

Entrepreneurs said that the new framework intended from the delegation were driving skills involved a mine “economic strangulation” for the sector, so resorted individual resolutions urging them to said reservoir and urged the Board to reconsider its position, since according to their estimates, this issue could lead to the “waste of 1.200 jobs”.

In this sense, the now Secretary General of Industry, Energy and Mines, Natalia González, who also addressed this issue with the previous government, He pledged to seek “the best solution” for entrepreneurs marble Macael continue with the exploitation of deposits.

While it had to respond to the stonemasons resources before the end 2018, for the time it has not been specified from the Board if it upholds the payment system volume extracted or meet the provisions of Royal Decree 975/2009 and force delivery guarantees.

Gonzalez then sent a message “tranquility” the stonecutters because from the Andalusian government would try to seek a favorable formula for the interests of employers and the Andalusian Administration. “It's something we have to come to fruition”, he said after pointing the “complexity” enclosing this issue.

En total, were 84 resolutions issued last September by the Territorial Delegation of Economy –competition now in the hands of the Presidency– where such guarantees are requested, although the same resolutions were suspensas.

Source: EuropaPress