Andalusian and livestock del Almanzora collaborate with the University of Almería

Team during one of the visits.

Team during one of the visits.

Technicians of the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development and the District Agricultural Office Alto Almanzora have accompanied a group of 16 students and teachers of Master of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Almería to visit two poultry farms in the villages of Cantoria and Oria, in the context of practical activities of the subject of Nutrition and Health Animal Production.

The purpose of the visit has been to publicize students the methodology for food and hygiene of animals used for farming purposes. For this, It was counted with the collaboration of two farmers in the region, students who shared their experience and knowledge. For his part, the technical staff of the delegation informed the group, not only from a global viewpoint, but also from the control official, everything about running a poultry farm.

The first farm visited was a farm of laying hens, livestock and veterinary, Maria Dolores Lopez Carmona. This farm is located in the municipality of Cantoria and has the distinction of producing organic eggs consumption, so that students could learn the peculiarities of managing organic farms of laying birds, where hens have outdoor areas for recreation, well covered with nests and perches areas that must comply with the requirements of the rules of the European Union to market the production with the seal of ecological. The farm has a capacity for more than five thousand laying hens and its owner is strongly committed to organic production, shaped breeding increasingly demanded by consumers, whose sensitivity to animal welfare is growing every year.

Later, and in order to know another type of farming, the group visited the modern facilities of the poultry farm livestock meat Pedro Guillen Conchillo. this farm, located in the municipality of Oria, It has several ships with a total capacity exceeding 40.000 turkeys for fattening. Students were able to verify in situ high automation of poultry meat, and they followed with great interest the explanations of the holder on the handling of turkeys from downloading until the final stage of fattening, where monitoring of environmental conditions, feed and animal health are essential for the production of turkey meat at all times respecting animal welfare.

For his part, the technical staff of the Territorial Delegation informed about legal requirements, not only for recording and commissioning of a farm, but also those aspects of management, control and documentation observed by farmers whose supervision is the responsibility of the Delegation. some aspects of the various authorizations were also addressed environmental nature, permits and licenses, and controls to be carried out by the farmer on food safety and biosecurity.

During the visit they have participated three veterinarians of the Delegation of Agriculture, Juan Alberto Castillo Mena (Director of the OCA Alto Almanzora); Eugenio Martín García, head of the Department of Quality and Agricultural and Livestock Development and Dominic Velasco Nunez, Technical Delegation.