Board supports 194.000 euros a workshop for creating web pages and applications in Olula del Río

The Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce has approved a grant of 194.436 euros to the city of Olula del Rio to launch an employment workshop in which 15 unemployed people over 25 years may train and work for a year in the specialties of making and publishing web pages and web application development technologies.

This employment workshop is one of the 13 projects workshop schools and employment workshops that the Government of Andalusia has approved for the province of Almeria and benefit 205 unemployed, Thanks to a global help 3.305.521 euros awarded to ten municipalities, the Provincial Council and Consorcio Norte Filabres.

As it indicated by the Board in a note, the requirements for access to employment workshop Olula del Rio are be over 25 years old, enrolled in the employment office as a job seeker unoccupied and have requested service employment workshop in the fields of manufacturing and publishing web pages and web application development technologies before the jobs are managed.

The 60 percent of the seats offered on a preferential basis to young people between 18 and 29 formative years with deficits and 20 percent unemployed people over 45 years old, primarily long-term unemployed. The Andalusian Employment Service will send three candidates suitable to the profiles requested and available, if any, for each position requested.

As for the selection of trainers and support, will begin with supply management by the SAE, that will send five people suitable and available candidates, if any, as requested by. The selection will be made by the joint committee also, baremación to assess the merits and interview.