[L Comunicacion.Almeria.Dgob] Nota Educacion

The Education, through the Andalusian Public Education Agency, It has formalized the service contract writing project, construction management, jobbing management and coordination of safety and health for the expansion and modernization of Secondary School (IES) Vera Alyanub, Almeria. Contract, with a budget of 34.485 euros, será ejecutado por José Carlos Rodríguez Fernández.

Esta contratación tiene como finalidad la redacción del proyecto para la construcción de nuevos espacios educativos en este centro, allowing to remove a prefabricated module, two classrooms, currently installed to meet the needs of schooling. Also, they demolished the old workshops electricity, They are presenting structural pathologies. The planned investment in the work is about 550.000 euros.

Specifically, The project will address the construction of two new modules for Vocational Training, with a combined area of ​​more than 400 square meter, that will hold each a workshop on the ground floor and two classrooms on the first floor, según ha indicado la Junta en una nota.

The project will include, also, the removal of architectural barriers by installing an elevator in the main building of the institute, as well as improving safety educational complex and its adaptation to current regulations on fire with the installation of a network of fire hydrants Equipped (BAND).

This action, from which will benefit more than 500 students studying in the center, está incluida dentro de la programación de obras de retirada de aulas prefabricadas aprobada en el marco del Plan de Infraestructuras y Equipamientos de la Enseñanza no Universitaria de la Consejería de Educación para 2018, that runs through the Andalusian Public Education Agency.

En diciembre de 2017 ya se desarrollaron en este instituto unas obras de eliminación de amianto que, with a budget of 87.786,71 euros, permitieron la retirada de la cubierta de fibrocemento del gimnasio y su sustitución por una cubierta de chapa tipo sándwich, and installing gutters and downspouts PVC for the disposal of rainwater.