The programs of the Board invigorate tourism and catering to dependents in Vera.

General Vera

The territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, has visited the projects carried out in Vera under programs Emple@Joven and Emple @ 30+, allowing the recruitment of unemployed persons 18 a 29 years old, in the first case, and 30 older in the second, by municipalities to carry out works and services of local interest.

Valverde, accompanied by the councilors of Employment and Youth, Juan de la Cruz and Vera Navarrete, respectively, He held a meeting with some of the 39 Young hired to perform, among other works, work boosting tourism Vera with guided tours, interpretation of wetlands and natural areas, activities in the botanical garden, hiking trails, events and shows, revitalizing commercial and sport; provision of home care for dependents; and cleaning and maintenance of the promenade and the Hill of the Holy Spirit.

Also, He has visited some of the 15 Workers 30 older hired to perform diagnostic approach for improving the quality of life of veratenses neighbors in areas such as personal and oral hygiene, monitoring chronically ill, housing conditions, etc., especially vulnerable groups; the schedule of events and services to provide greater attraction to the municipality around its beaches; and renovation of the irrigation network Rambla Park.