Urrácal youth “Care of their environment”

Laundry Urrácal.

The program program Leisure Area Youth Council of Almería has led to a dozen young Urrácal to participate in the workshop 'Watch your environment'; a theoretical and practical initiative that has helped the City Council and which have been carried out reforestation and environmental care.

Participants have been involved in this initiative through the provincial institution to recover the most damaged areas in the vicinity of the town. Twenty people involved in caring for the environment Urrácal. For this, Preview form, young people have acquired knowledge about the benefits and reforestation techniques, the importance of using native species to reforest, Fire risks in the field, the importance of irrigation and awareness of the effects that pollution causes in the environment.

After the theoretical sessions, young people have traveled the environment of the municipality different tasks involved in reforestation and ultimately, knowing the peculiarities of the environment of their natural environment.