Youth in Spain reach Zurgena to participate in the field work on the 'History of the Railroad'.

Young points of the Spanish geography have reached Zurgena to participate in the field work on the 'History in the Almanzora Ferricarril'. The objective of this initiative is to develop a project that provides the basis for the future implementation of a railway museum in the restored station Renfe.

Under this initiative, zurgenero municipality receives from the Monday 21 from July to 4 August to a total of 21 aged 18 and 30 coming years from places as disparate as Galicia, Asturias, Basque Country Valencia, besides the different Andalusian provinces.

In the project presented by the City of Zurgena and selected by the Regional Government as one of the three fields to be developed in the province of Almería this summer, a museological project that will be studied will be drawn "what to expect" visitors and a nature museum where you decide "how it is to tell" the importance of the railroad in the area throughout history.

To achieve this goal, participants will learn firsthand the importance that the railroad had Zurgena and the Valley of Almanzora since its commissioning in 1983 until its closure in 1984. They will have the testimony of neighbors and workers of the station, who shall transmit all information related to the train as it passes through the villages of the region and, specific, by the station in the neighborhood of La Alfoquía.

While the theoretical and working groups will be held in the station of the Renfe, the young know everything the town and will move to points of importance for the history of rail transport for both goods and people, being one of the scheduled visits Las Menas Seron Almeria but also know the coast and other attractions.

Nor will lack the leisure time and the discovery of an area to which many have come for the first time at this work camp organized by the City of Zurgena and the Andalusian Youth Institute. In the afternoon the young enjoy additional proposals as hiking trails, trips to the beach and mineral deposits as well as sports activities, while mornings will be devoted to the development of the main project, for a methodology that enhances apply imagination, creation and discussion.

Welcome and thanks
El alcalde the Zurgena, Luis Diaz, has been commissioned to welcome young people on Tuesday accompanied by the head of service of the Andalusian Youth Institute (IAJ), Maria Angeles Simon; Councilwoman Culture, Noelia García and the last head of the station Zurgena, Luis García. The mayor thanked the audience "for coming to Zurgena", recalled the historical context in which the town and the camp as "historic gateway Almanzora Valley" is framed and stressed the "importance historic rail has in our town". Also, appreciated the "opportunity" to have "with young very prepared for this project", whom he met one by one and wished "a happy and productive" stay.

Maria Angeles Simon, Head of Service of the IAJ, thanked the participants that they have "chosen the province of Almería" to spend part of their holiday collaboration with the project and sent them the effort to "not lose memory" of the railroad. "It's to thank those responsible for political and technical Zurgena idea Railway Museum", sure to thank then you have wanted to take the first step count "with the imagination of young people" through this first work camp that welcomes Zurgena.