Jose Perez defends his management before Judge.

Stated in court accused of alleged irregularities Purchena derived from a controversial audit.

In yesterday morning, Oria former mayor José Pérez, He told the head of the court of Purchena occasion of complaints by the current ruler orialeño, Marcos Reche. These allegations questioned the management Perez made while he headed the municipal corporation, period during which he was never advised of any irregularity by the town clerk.

Backed by the presentation of certificates and full and agreements governing boards where you took some questionable decisions during the previous legislature, Perez has given his version of the seven alleged irregularities for which has been questioned.

One of the most criticized alleged irregularities by the current local government was the alleged recruitment finger up to fifty people. On this point, José Pérez explained the process used to make such contracts, being a part of the same "contract renewals initiated by previous corporations". For jobs in the summer school, former mayor pointed out that from 2009 recruitments were made following bases "approved and published". In previous years the provision of this service would have been executed by a private company, which would consist of "projects and substantiated reports".

Perez also explained nine monitors contracts for sporting activity "without any administrative procedure", according to the complaint. In this regard, former Mayor presented the cooperation agreement signed between the City and the San Gregorio College, whose technical lay the "responsibility to develop the program and run". A convention adopted in the above.

In addition to hiring staff, the current mayor has brought to justice four more hires, in this case of companies for the execution of different jobs in the municipality. One was the "direct" recruitment and "no award procedures", according to the complaint, the company responsible for the second and third phases of the nursery. Former alderman has refused this procedure and it was asserted that the Board decided to grant the subsidy "in three stages" and that the award process was carried out "by open procedure" that led to a resolution of the Mayor, which was repeated in later, according to Jose Perez.

In other cases, Perez has not shown any document to be, according to the version given, works or projects undertaken by other public administrations, found between the Provincial Government and the Junta de Andalucía. This is the case of the sports hall and the cultural space 'The Granary'. "It is a provincial work with input from municipal funds", He said this latest work.

All these irregularities have been informed through a controversial audit commissioned by the government of the PP.