Day to restore the old mall Cantoria

Delegate Martínez in the middle of the job.

Delegate Martínez in the middle of the job.
Delegate Martínez in the middle of the job.

The territorial delegate of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Antonio Martinez, He has participated this morning in a conference with students from two schools in the municipality of Cantoria. Specifically, The day consisted of a plantation of 300 Poplars with the boys and girls of the Urbina Carrera school and the IES Valle del Almanzora, in order to recover the old Alameda de Cantoria. The delegate has been accompanied by the mayor of the municipality, Purification Sanchez.

The initiative has been organized by the Cantoria City Council and the Andalusian Government has collaborated in it with the transfer of the plants, total 300 álamos, white poplar variety (the white House), from the Nursery of the Resinera of Granada, that is part of the Nursery Network that the Ministry has.

With this activity, the City Council pursues not only the recovery of the Alameda, but also that this space becomes an area where all kinds of activities are carried out by the students and the neighbors themselves, contributing in this way to a greater awareness of the environment. The poplar plantation is the first in a series of actions that will culminate in the complete recovery of the former Alameda, a gallery forest that once covered the riverbank, allowing to contribute not only with the embellishment of the town, but also with atmospheric cleaning.

The territorial delegate, who has highlighted the importance of environmental education at an early age, has encouraged the participants in the tree planting "to conserve the environment because everything related to the environment contributes to the economy of the areas and in the future generates green employment, key to the sustainable development of any region and, also, strengthens the cultural identity of our peoples ". Antonio Martínez has also reminded students of the importance of protecting environmental resources, task in which the Junta de Andalucía has been working for a while, either improving sustainable forest management through pest control, reforestation, silvicultural works, the prevention and extinction of forest fires, among many other aspects. In your sense, the old Alameda, Martinez has stated, "Offers multiple possibilities around any environmental education and awareness activity".

Each of the poplars planted this morning will bear an identification number and the name of the person who planted it., that will remain for the future of the new Alameda de Cantoria. In the activity carried out this morning, parents of the group have also participated, workers of the City Council and representatives of the Municipal Corporation.

Visit to Mount El Lentiscar

After the activity carried out with the students, the delegate and the mayors, accompanied by technicians, have moved to the public forest El Lentiscar, which has an extension of 258 hectares and is owned by the Andalusian Autonomous Community. This mountain was repopulated with Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) make 40 years and have verified the advisability of writing a silvicultural treatment project to clear and prune the forest mass in order to achieve its prompt naturalization and greater protection against fire.