Joaquín Jiménez knows the demands of the single Area of ​​Craft Interest declared in Almería.

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The territorial delegate Development, Dwelling, Tourism and Trade of the Junta de Andalucía, Joaquín Jiménez, He held a meeting with members of the Association of Craftsmen Marble Region, developer of the only Area of ​​Craft Interest declared in Almería. The meeting was held at the workshop President, Diego Cano, one of seven Master Craftsmen are there in the province. Later, has visited two other workshops in the Area of ​​Craft Interest (Zia), workshop Francisco Navarro Vega Alías and Marble Handicrafts.

This first contact with the craft sector has served to learn about the work being carried artisans and the demands of the sector itself. During the visit, also analyzed different aspects that will drive the development of this activity and enhance the visibility of the sector. "This will enable the development of their competitive capacity and optimum marketing of craft products, turning into a major attraction for potential customers ", He said the delegate.

For the territorial delegate, Joaquín Jiménez, "It is to emphasize the importance and uniqueness of this activity, and their contribution to the maintenance of cultural and artistic legacy Andalusian, since not only a productive activity increasingly important, but is also an important employer and has a high ethnological value ".

Area of ​​Craft Interest

The statement as an Area of ​​Craft Interest in Andalusia to the Association of Craftsmen Marble Region surrendered last year and brings together fifteen workshops in various locations in the region of Valle del Almanzora. All, least one dedicated to pottery, are stone carving and marble. Regarding the territorial distribution, nine were located in Macael, two Olula River, two other Purposes, one in the town of Albox and other Cantoria.

Zones and Points of Interest Artisan are regulated in an order that details the procedure, review and repeal, and distinctive for identification. This recognition means that the workshops will appear in publications and official guides to edit the Regional Administration, and participate in trade fairs.