Hoisted the Flag 'Q' quality tourism on the beaches of Vera.

"The Flag" Q "means commitment to environmental preservation", says Isabel de Haro.

The first Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Tourism of Vera, Isabel de Haro, accompanied by the Councillor for Public Services, Francisca Garcia Carretero, They have officially visited yesterday morning the Lifesaving device from the beaches of Vera, coordinated by the specialist Rudy Rodriguez Mahiques, at the same time came the hoisting of the flag 'Q' quality tourism Isabel de Haro collected last day 25 from the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria. The event was also attended by the councilors of Youth, Children and Elderly, Isabel Maria Belmonte, Yolanda Torres and Santiago, Head of Equality and Social Welfare.

The Councillor for Tourism showed "the pride for our people we get to enjoy excellent quality for these kilometers of beach and is a tourist attraction so we can have full employment until October or, if, stronger than last season weekends have good ". "The Flags" Q "Quality Tourism on the beaches", Haro added, "Are a symbol of trust that guarantees the management thereof by the council and our commitment is to the daily improvement to ensure the enjoyment of users in terms of cleanliness, security, monitoring and respect for the environment ". Also, Isabel de Haro stated that the government team of the City of Vera's objectives is to achieve Blue Flag beaches for next year veratenses.

Assistance and Protection Device

Operating Lifesaving began its work last day 22, delayed one week due to "the former government team of the PP had not anticipated that beach service began on 15th", Isabel de Haro pointed at the same time impacted on the provisional nature of the service is in the process of tender until the final award for the whole summer season. For his part, Francisca Garcia emphasized the attention that "we must pay to all users of the beaches of Vera and full confidence in the professionalism of this team Lifesaving". Added the Councillor for Public Service the importance of the image of veratenses attractive beaches in the municipality.

Intervention Lifesaving equipment on the coast of Vera includes the implementation of various preventive initiatives, locating missing minors, rescue boats and bathers and bathing facilitation disabled, in addition to the provision of flags which modify its color depending on the circumstances of daily sea conditions. To answer these attentions the Lifesaving device served by the beach between Vera and Garrucha limits has Palomares 4 Fixed watchtowers and five chairs of standing water rescuer thereby leaving no blind spot, always have in view the whole coast veratense.

De otro lado, There are three areas for guests with disabilities: Marinas in the Bolaga in the fall of sea and sky; The following shaded area is located in Puerto Rey and the third in the naturist beach.

They have five amphibious chairs and "closer to the shore and sometimes help them get into the water when sea conditions permit", Rudy explicaba Mahiques.