Five large valves installed new water lines of the transfers of the marsh Cuevas.

The territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, has attended today placing five large valves, facilities that are part of the emergency works to replenish the lines of the transfers that were severely damaged by the heavy rains of September 2012 in Almería's Almanzora region.

The installation of these mechanisms this project Andalusian included in the final phase of works, once completed, will restore normalcy in the system water transfer from the Tajo-Segura and Almanzora Negratín transfers to the dam of Cuevas. If mishaps arise, works are expected to be completed by next spring, ratified as the territorial delegate representatives concessionaires, "So that thereafter it will be a guaranteed supply of water from these diversions, for both the supply of the population, as for irrigation of crops ".

More feet in diameter

The valves will be installed in the new system of water conveyance, its dimensions and characteristics, improve the operation of said system and optimize resources.

Two butterfly valves-centered- are being installed in the section 1 works, near the boulevard of The Jumper. These valves have 2,2 meters high and as many wide, diameter of 1,62 meters and weigh 2.658 kilos. The body of the valve is made of nodular iron and coated in polyurethane with a thickness of 80 microns and operating shaft is stainless steel. The butterfly itself is made of stainless steel, and is coated in polyurethane with a thickness of 80 microns. These valves, from operation-will divide the pipe into sections-independent, so avoid that they have to drain your entire pipeline, in case of failure to break.

In the section 3 works two gate valves will be installed, similar to the stretch 1, and pressure reducing valve, of 900 diameter mm, less spectacular dimensions (1,33 meters wide, 1,72 High and 1,.65 long), but more weight (7.250 kilos). This mechanism allow the passage of 3.200 liters of water per second, continuously. And by Attributes, they are capable of achieving the maximum pressure decrease 13 kilograms per square centimeter with the water that comes after supplying the irrigation community of Bajo Almanzora, leaving it in 3,5 kilos per square centimeter. In this way it is achieved that the pipe does not suffer too much to be in such a high pressure, and therefore, helps reduce the costs of installation and troubleshooting. In the section 3 full

Due to its characteristics and dimensions, these valves have started to place are quite rare to see in hydraulic engineering. These are not standard parts but are unique, manufactured exclusively for this piece of water infrastructure that is running the Ministry, which highlights the importance of the work both for its social impact and its technical condition. Butterfly valves are manufactured in Spain by KSD Amri, and hydraulic valves by society Ross, U.S..

Work apace

The delegate of the Board welcomed by "rate" that will work, as, as highlighted, once completed it will restore water supply diversions, "Necessary for irrigation supply a 24.000 acres of crops and, above all, for urban supply to a population of 150.000 people, that should not count shipments and Tagus Negratín shortages this year could suffer. De facto, from late September 2012, after rupture of the conduits of the transfers, urban water supply was made almost entirely with reservations Marsh Cuevas del Almanzora.