Insignia of Andalusia Points.

Cuevas del Almanzora General

The Government delegate of the Andalusian, Sonia Ferrer Tesoro, has released this morning people and groups in the province to be distinguished by the Junta de Andalucía during the official ceremony to be held tomorrow Wednesday, 25 February, occasion of the celebration of Andalucía. The event will be chaired by the Minister of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, José Sánchez Maldonado and will begin at 12 noon in the Auditorium of the University of Almería.

During the event , The Board recognizes the work of eight people and groups in the province of Almería, whose social character and commitment to our land have made him deserving of this award.


This year the badges were awarded to Jesús Miranda Hita, interventor y auditor del Estado y exsubsecretario de Fomento en abril de 2009 until the end of 2011. The Board recognizes the work of Miranda Hita in its firm commitment to rail infrastructure, como la ejecución de los primeros tramos del corredor de Alta Velocidad Murcia-Almería y su trabajo determinante en la cesión a la ciudad de los suelos para eliminar las vías del tren.

Juan Ruiz Miralles, Almeria painter, for its extensive career in which land and landscape of Almería have always been present.

María Jesús Mata Carter, responsable institucional de la Federación Almeriense de Asociaciones de Personas con discapacidad de Almería (FAAM). The Board recognizes the work of this woman always linked serving the integration of people with disabilities.

Y Los Puntos, musical group Almanzora. The Board recognizes the career of its more than 40 years on stage, resisting the changes themselves and society.


The Board also recognize the work they do every day:

– The Specific Special Education Center Princesa Sofia. The Board recognizes the center for its work in providing education to children with disabilities, applying the principles of equality and integration of these.

– The Caparros Group. The Board recognizes its trajectory, in combining tradition and technology, with a firm commitment to export.

-La Unidad de Mama del Hospital de Poniente. Es merecedora de la bandera de Andalucía por su trabajo a la hora de abordar de forma integral la enfermedad del cáncer de mama.

-and Twinning between the Natural Park of Sierra María- Los Vélez and the Altmühltal Nature Park. All patients will be presented with the flag of Andalusia. The Board recognizes this pioneering initiative that celebrates this year 25 anniversary, and has contributed to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage and socio-economic development of the municipalities that comprise.

All patients will be presented with the flag of Andalusia.

Sonia Ferrer recalled this year, the Governing Council held last day 20 February, has agreed to grant the Medal of Andalusia 2015 a Vicasol, horticultural cooperative located in the town of Vicar . The Medal of Andalusia will be delivered next day 28 February at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville.


The cooperative Andalusian Vicasol, located in the Andalusian village of Vicar and dedicated to the production of vegetables, born in 1979 in order to plan and organize production partner farmers and adequately meet the requirements of European markets. From its origins, Vicasol has relied on good work and commitment to quality, as evidenced by his numerous certificates of excellence.

Vicasol was created on the initiative of a group of farmers who wanted to market their products outside the local fruit and vegetable market. It was originally established as Agrarian Transformation Company and later became Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza. After the entry of Spain into the European Union, experiencing tremendous growth culminating in 2003, year in which it merges with Almerisol. This fact, coupled with the progressive entry of new farmers, causes the current exceeds Vicasol 600 partners and has a cultivated area of ​​more than 1.300 hectares of greenhouses.

Production, characterized by its environmental safeguards, It focuses mainly on tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and courgettes, plus fruits like watermelons and melons, mainly marketed in Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Britain and Russia.

For the present fruit and vegetable campaign, cooperative forecasts point to an output of about 210 million kilos and a turnover of 200 million. The strong record of Vicasol and its capacity to generate employment was recognized last year with the Economics Prize Economists Association of Almería

Durante su intervención, la delegada del Gobierno ha reconocido públicamente “la contribución de las personas, institutions and organizations to the welfare and progress of Almería, as well as its strong commitment to this land, putting the best of themselves to the service of our province, por lo que han sido merecedores de estas distinciones”.

This year, as in the last edition, el acto institucional con motivo del Día de Andalucía se retransmitirá por Internet, live, via "estreamign" to facilitate the monitoring of this event to all citizens who wish.