Initiated construction of the helipad will be located in the Glen of Albox Spot.

They have already begun construction of the future helipad will be located in Albox; after the transfer of land, by the City Council albojense, the Ministry of Health of the Andalusian (who is responsible for hiring such public health emergencies company). Specifically, in this space will eventually take to build a health emergency in the municipal plot known as the Cañada Spot. This parcel meets all the requirements for carrying out the execution of works, to be a fully equipped area for the construction of a heliport; project previously approved under.

The Consistory of Albox has ceded the ground where Incoc has begun construction of a circular platform for landing and takeoff of helicopters, and a rectangular platform for the parking of ambulances, that in turn will be complemented with a vial of the same access passable. The Spot is the Cañada, finally, was chosen as the most accessible and closer to the clinic, as well as its own terrain. The primary function of this facility is to facilitate the use of helicopter health emergencies 061.

For his part, the City shall waive the payment of fees to facilitate this construction, which will be a great advantage for both forward and Albox, to the county.

Mayor of Albox Consistory, Rogelio Mena, has reviewed this new service as very positive for the town, stating that "this heliport improve health infrastructure and will soon progress to a new Albox. The transfer and mobility of potential patients is guaranteed in case of an emergency, and most importantly will effectively and quickly. After intensive detailed study, opted for this area, since we consider the most effective and ideal for this type of installation ".

Thereby, the heliport network of Andalusia join as soon Albox area eventual decision. A construction that have been tendered by the Public Company for Health Emergencies (EPES). It is an initiative of the regional government, which aims to improve health care by air and, this time, also has the support of the City Council albojense.

"The fact that available Albox quick access to health care is very beneficial and, both, soothing. Emergency helicopters will be available for one-way landing and takeoff facilitating, so, urgent transport of critically ill patients or in case you have an emergency place. The most important thing is that many lives will be saved and, thus, the City Council, we have worked to meet all requirements. We wanted our citizens dispusiesen of a health service of this kind ", He added Rogelio Mena.

The helicopters are equipped with all necessary materials for health professionals to treat patients as if they were in a mobile ICU. Equipped with the latest communication technologies, which will facilitate the work of health information during the transfer of patients to hospitals.