Incentives Board the craft sector

Pottery "the Tips" Albox.

Pottery “the Tips” Albox.

The 21 August is the deadline for submitting applications within the call for aid from the Ministry of Employment, Trade Company and crafts, reaching up to 18.000 In some embodiments euros and have a budget of 934.130 euros. These incentives aim to value Andalusian craft products and promote their dissemination and marketing, in addition to promoting the modernization of workshops and craft enterprises.

Applications can be submitted electronically through the website of the Ministry. The call was published on 30 July at the BOJA (, with term 15 working days from the day following its publication.

The aid is aimed, on the one hand, associations, federations and confederations of artisans, with a budget of 86.664 euros; and craft enterprises, whether it is natural or legal persons, with a budget of 847.466 euros. In the first case the organization of fairs or exhibitions of handicrafts subsidizes, up holding three samples during the year with a ceiling of 18.000 euros for each; hiring a manager subsidizing wage and social security costs with a maximum of 18.000 euros for contract 12 months; hiring an administrative limit 15.000 euros for contract 12 months; and design and editing magazines and product catalogs on paper or digital, up 5.000 euros.

With respect to artisans, helps subsidize a wide range of costs: purchase of equipment, raw materials lower unit price 300, (ceiling 6.000 euros); participation in trade fairs and exhibitions( ceiling 3.000 euros); design and editing catalogs (ceiling 3.000 euros); rental costs for local artisan workshop (limit 5.000 euros for contract 12 months); Buying signage, distinctive labels and packaging for granted by the Ministry (limit 1.000 euros); purchase of machinery, tool and tooling unit price equal to or above 300 euros (ceiling 12.000 euros); and remodeling of the craft workshop, acquisition of labels or nameplates (limit 5.000 euros).

In all cases, it may choose up to 80% the cost incentivable, except in line for craft firms for participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, that reaches the 50%.

Almost 25.000 euros in the last call in Almería

In the previous edition of these incentives totaling five assists were approved in the province of Almeria near 25.000 euros for a company and four autonomous craftsmen who made a superior investment 37.000 euros in projects ranging from the purchase of raw materials or machinery until the creation of catalogs and participation in fairs craftswomen.

Currently already have been declared ten zones of Artisanal Interest in Andalusia, which encompass 191 workshops; Almeria province has Macael Zone-Valle del Almanzora, recognized in November 2013, with 15 workshops registered. Also, in the autonomous community they have recognized 25 Points of interest artisan, locating in Almería 7 them, activities dedicated to pottery, ceramics, recording and printing techniques and tissue under heald. Also, Andalusia has 45 teachers and master craftsmen recognized, namely, the artisan or single artisan in whom concur outstanding achievements related to his professional experience, maintenance of a trade or promoting their craft. Almeria has 7 teachers or teachers of that total.