Opened two new health centers in Fines and El Llano del Espilo.

The Department of Equality, Health and Social Policy has invested 26 million in the implementation of 21 new centers and other reform 6 Almeria.

The Andalusian has launched two new centers in the city and in the village Fines Llano del Espino, in Albox (Almería), which will benefit about 3.000 users. The investment in these new health facilities rises 886.840 euros. The Minister of Equality, Health and Social Policy, María José Sánchez Rubio, was here today both centers, in addition to the 19 placed in service in the last six years in the province of Almería, over 26 million investment in primary care from 2008.

The new primary care center Fines will multiply for more than seven anterior surface, providing users of this Andalusian village a much larger facility, modern and comfortable. The Andalusian has invested a total of 690.920 euros in the construction of this center, that has been run through a collaboration agreement with the City.

Most of 2.000 Fines residents were served so far in an office of about 100 square meters, consultation with a family medicine and other nursing. From now on they will have a center 761 square meter, consultations with five adult and two pediatric, so that the total number of queries pass two to seven.

The center houses inside an entrance area, a standby module, service user, reception and storage. The extraction area will consist of a waiting room, three boxes of treatment and an area for patient classification. Pediatric consultations will have a separate space, with own waiting room and separate consultations dedicated to the adult population.

The envelope of the new primary care center Fines area complete with a support service, including toilets adapted for use by people with disabilities, store, room health education 40 square meter, and changing rooms and lounge for professionals.

For his part, the core of the Llano del Espino, in Albox, account today with a new office, with 213 square meter, where two queries are distributed and living extractions. In addition to the clinical area, The new center has a reception area and entrance, adapted for people with disabilities and warehouse services.

The Department of Equality, Health and Social Policy has allocated 195.960 euros for the construction of these facilities, Serving them about 500 residents of this hamlet and have been made thanks to a collaboration agreement with the town of Albox.

This office center is added to the Llano de Los Olleres, located in a neighboring parish and opened its doors in 2009. Also, the Board has invested over 260.000 euros in recent years to carry out renovation and renewal of equipment in the health center of Albox.

The Andalusian is making a major investment effort to offer the highest degree of accessibility of primary care services and to increase and improve the network of health centers and clinics in Almería. So, from 2008 have been put into service 21 new centers in the province (four of them in the capital and nine in the north of the province) and there have been works of expansion and reform in six other centers.

The investment made by the Government of Andalusia in the primary care network in the province of Almería rises 26 EUR million for construction of new centers, renovations and equipment. In Andalusia, investment, from 2008 a 2013, amounted to more than 245 million.

The latest to open its doors were the health centers and Vega Gádor Here (Almería) in 2013 and Las Ferris Wheels, El Ejido, which started its operation in January 2014. Next to start will be to serve San Isidro, Nijar.