Vera opened the first center in Accessible Tourism on the Mediterranean coast

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From the conviction that accessibility to all facilities, tourism products and services should be an essential component of any policy of responsible and sustainable tourism, as recommended by the World Tourism Organization, the City of Vera has today taken a major step in making the Rights of Persons with Disabilities reality by launching on the beach Puerto Rey of a Center for Accessible Tourism-Tourism for all located in the Playazo and will be guided by the Natural Kayak company, specializing in tourism and adapted sports.

In the presentation ceremony and inauguration they have been represented Regional and Local Administrations, and associations of physically disabled, psychic, sensory and intellectual, FAAM including its President Valentin Sola to the front, Marta Castillo and members of the Granada association FREGADI. It opened the round of speeches Councilwoman of the City Tourism veratense, Isabel de Haro, who welcomed the numerous attendees, at the same time he expressed "Today we have achieved one of the goals of the government team: make accessible to all natural resources of the municipality of Vera. Today we can say that we have opened a large portal to the social inclusion of people with disabilities ".

Maria Garcia, Head of Service Unit, He congratulated the City of Vera on behalf of the Delegation for Equality, to his government team and all veratenses "for this initiative and for allowing us to see first hand how it provides citizens with some type of disability, enjoy this magnificent beach ". "Public Administrations and private entities", Maria Garcia added, "We must get involved in the task of integrating in our society for people with disabilities, principle set, moreover, in our Constitution ".

In the words of the Head of Service Unit of the Delegation for Equality, the Government of Andalusia has always worked actively to enable people with disabilities to participate effectively in all areas of our society by ensuring their access to health, public education and other services. "In this line, we want to support this initiative and encourage other municipalities in our province, to follow the example of Vera ", stated Maria Garcia.

For his part, the delegate of Tourism, Alfredo Valdivia, He exposed that "this bet identifies a town hall and applaud this initiative. From the Andalusian we are supporting with grant programs to go adapting to this accessibility is real. Without going further, there has been an economic injection 140.000 euros to create a corporate image of the region ". Valdivia positively and unequivocally appreciated the initiative of the City of Vera, of his government team, and companies like Natural Kayak, facilitating accessible and inclusive tourism, online according to the Junta de Andalucía.

During his speech, the veratense Mayor Felix Lopez thanked everyone "you are here for this has been possible". Felix Lopez revealed to have always backed the assertion of 'all equal, but all different ', and, added, "We are providing an opportunity for equality, giving opportunity to the right, because this is a universal right that all Spaniards, all citizens of the world. Projects like this Accessible Tourism-Tourism for All, heart are, but mostly thinking of others, without political egotism. The only interest is to found a reality that is access to all, tourism for all ". "Today, Vera takes an important step towards equality. Today the tourist status of quality we have in our town dresses luxury with this step we accessible tourism ", concluded.

Since the state of the sea did not allow navigation, Alejandro Otero, adapted sports specialist coach federated Natural Kayak, He staged a demonstration on the beach of the various adaptations of the kayak boats depending on the different needs of people with disabilities.

Closed the ceremony Francisco Alonso Martínez, ASPRODALBA president and FEAPS Andalucía, and Francisca García, Councilor for Beaches of the Consistory veratense. Alonso Martinez highlighted the importance of having an accessible tourism center Vera, in addition to welcoming the commitment of the City acquired with people with disabilities, in the words of the president of ASPRODALBA and FEAPS Andalucía, They have all rights to universal accessibility in tourism and, consequently, all social activities.

Francisca Garcia, Councilwoman Beaches, He highlighted the efforts of the government team to maintain the beaches in perfect condition. For this, manifested, with the work they do maintenance managers, citizen cooperation is needed.